Friday, 7 October 2011

The person who never leaves you alone .

Was too busy getting people to like One Bakersworld 's page 
& completely forgotten to blog these few days ! Have you liked the page for me (; ?
Help me like their page alright , thanks for the effort ♥ ! ^^

Sometimes , I do reflect on what my friends told me .
It might be hurting , but it's worth using your time to think about it .

" You never know even your closest would betray you " 

This sentence really affected me a lot . At the same time ,
I'll treasure the people around me more , letting them know I won't leave them for pride or anything else . & one thing for sure , the people that won't leave or betray you is your Family (:

And coincidentally , I spend these few days with
my family ! Went to Mount Faber with Fiona , Jiangyao & Christy on Tuesday that day ^^
Had so much fun , ate Mac there & enjoyed the scenery ? LOL . The funniest part was , Jiangyao stood up in the car and did Techtonik when the car was moving & blasting with Stereo Love ♥

Sent my dog , Boyboy to grooming this morning .
And he returned from the groomer , looking fucking botak like this :

He seemed freaking unhappy the whole day ): !!

Just compare how Boyboy looked before he went for grooming this morning :

And now Boyboy is Botak ): . Hope his fur grows longer soon , or he'll stay unhappy the whole day again /:

Anyway , I went off to Malaysia at night just now with Christy & Mike ! ^o^

Bought my favorite Hersheys Cookies & cream chocolate
before we went off ♥ !

Reached there & ate super good food !

Look ! The sugarcane juice is like bigger than my face .____."

Time to spam photos of FOOD .

 They forced me to eat the last two fried buns
even though I was dead full already t.t

Went for car wash after dinner ! ^^

And then , 
 on the way back to Singapore ! Was supposed to go for massage ,
but we went there too late *disappointed*

 Reached Singapore's custom ,
& felt too boring with the top of the car closed . My hair was flying everywhere ._.

Thanks for the shot Mike . LOL

 Hehe & yup , they sent me home & my day just ended like this .
Ending this post with my ridiculous smile in this photo :
Rests of the photos will be uploaded into Facebook @ Chrysan Huihui Lee .

Goodnight , love you all ! ♥♥♥