Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Long post . Reading it ? (;

It's been a few days since I last blogged , sorry guys ! ♥♥
Been sleeping too much to even blog *can't leave in self denial anymore*
Hehe . Ready for photos ? (; 

Met up with Raymond , Aldi & Yaxin at Cineleisure last Saturday for dinner & bonding ♥
Went to Soul , A Child's Play , with all my peeps after 
meeting them at Cineleisure as well , it's an event by Primo again ^^
But SHOTS @ SOUL was better though . & thanks Aldi who hold my purple pouch for almost the entire night since the lockers were all full . 

DJ Ohan told me he was spinning the whole night that day , 
haha still remember he doesn't know how to use his Visa card at Macs ._.

 They had all the soft toys throwing around , 
I gave both mine soft toys away that I got that day .

Mao quan & his Domo . HAHA . 

Stupid Junwei block my awesome face in this photo . Tsk . 

Me & this girl with squeaky voice , Vivien

Yu Tat & Me ^^ 
Photos are from Primo , A Child's Play album at Facebook (: 

And I was super glad that Shane even came down from Powerhouse to Soul after the party ended to find me , dead sweet ♥ ♥ & we had breakfast ! Hehe . 

Met up with Shane last night at 313 Somerset , saw a few friends &
went for dinner at Graffiti Cafe @ Cineleisure & headed off to watch Reel Steel at Plaza Sing
 Reel Steel was damn awesome , strongly encourage all of you to watch it ! ^^
Shane's bad hair day . LOL


We headed off to Esplanade after our movie & had some heart to heart talk ^o^ 

 This is club Avalon . #random

Hersheys chocolate again ♥

Cabbed back home in the morning before the sun rise , awesome scenery last night ^^

Sister's gonna head off to Bangkok with her boyf , Brother going Taiwan too ,
I'm gonna be all alone these few days at home ): . Hope they will stay safe & enjoy themselves ♥ !
And hi , 
I'm gonna scare you guys with my centre parting & red lipstick . 

Do I look weird ? LOL . 

Ok anyway , Chrysan Huihui Lee II 's Facebook wall is currently locked , 
because it's too boring . My Formspring's questions are answered & posted there too ^^ 

Anyone wants to attend this 
(15th October)Saturday's Sugar Party @ Club Soul by SMASH ?

Ladies FREE entry ! Guy's at $25 per entry . *Age code : 18above*
♥ Everything there would be the SWEETEST ! ♥
DJ Ohan , DJ Ben , DJ S.O.F will be spinning that night (:
 Click HERE if you want to know about the alcohol deals on Saturday !

I'm NOT selling for 18 Abv events , but would be continue selling for 16Abv ^^
So if you need Guestlists , EntryVIP entry for this coming event , contact Raymond Seventy-Seven at Facebook !

 Continue supporting us ,
" The 18 & 16 above edition "

See you all on Saturday night at Soul (; !