Saturday, 29 October 2011

Happy Birthday Jiangyao ! ♥

Have been really really busy
this few days to even blog and go out . I'll reply my Formspring questions as soon as I can , but now , I'm glad that I can blog right here again and whoever is reading it will share my thoughts , thank you guys for being there to "listen" ♥ (: 

Just a random photo of me last time . 
Hmm , have I changed ? Sometimes I really wish , people wouldn't look at us differently just because we change . And all this while , I just felt like telling everyone , people change for a reason . And I change , because of you guys . Because of the environment I'm in . But deep down me , I'm still the same . It's just that I can no longer tell someone how I feel anymore , because people judge . 
Hmm , enough of ranting .

Don't mind my no make up face below

Shall update you guys about what I've been doing this few days ? (: 

Celebrated my blood brother's birthday before 12AM just now ! 
28th October 2011 , haha and yes it's just 7 days before my birthday ! 
Which means it's exactly one week to my birthday now (: 


Love him to bits ,  really . 
We may not talk at home , but I'll never forget those childhood times when he attempt to protect me from anything that's harmful or against me . This relationship that I have with this brother of mine , is impossible to be replaced & never will I be able to return him the favor .
Haha , enough of all the mushy words /: 
Celebrated his birthday with family and two of his friends at a restaurant at Vivo City called 黑社会 , Bosses . Really cool name and nice food ! LOL .

Don't mind my plain face & puffy eyes .
I only slept for three hours and I didn't had time to put much make up . LOL .

Mike , Christy , Dad .
Me , Cheryl [Fiona] , Birthday boy , Andy , Leon (: 

Yup , that's about it just now at Vivo City
I originally had two videos for you guys , BUTTTT I can't upload it because there's a server error , so yeap /: 

Anyway ,
I went massage in JB few days back ! You guys should really go and try . LOL 
It's this place ! 

After massage , I went for supper with Fiona , Mike , Christy and Jiayu (: 

Another unglam photo of mine without make up /: 
I'm too lazy to make up nowadays . Sigh . LOL 

Oh ! Also I went dinner with my family 
the other day at Thai Express , but I didn't really ate at all because the food I order kinda sucks ): 
And I'm super happy that day cause Dad bought me Etude House Blusher

*shows off*

So yup , that should be all ! 
Not to mention I got interviewed & am on stomp and razor tv again -__-
Really excited for tomorrow , going to USS Halloween with SMOOVE tomorrow !! 

Love you guys for reading , don't forget to help me click on my Nuffnang ads ok .
Goodnight all !

P/S : Those who need tickets to 17th November SMASH 2 at Zirca and Groove , do contact me alright ! You can reserve your tickets from me (:  

*I'm sorry for blogging at this hour*