Monday, 31 October 2011

USS Halloween Horrors with SMOOVE ♥

Hello babies ♥♥ !
Happy Halloween ? LOLOLOL . Kk me & my nonsense .

Anyway ! Went USS Halloween Horrors with SMOOVE on Saturday ,
super scary & I nearly died throughout the whole journey in there #iswear . But it was really really fun , especially the rides .

Letter we all received to get to USS ♥
 Need to thank them for getting all of us free reserved tickets & what's more we didn't had to queue as we got express tickets as well !! *shows off*

We managed to play all the rides but I didn't
enter the second haunted house and waited outside alone because the first already scared me to hell . Even Jess Cobra was damn scared that she needs to CRAWL in the haunted house HA HA HA . She's damn cute ^^  Kay , I'm gonna start spamming you guys with random photos already , rest of the photos of Zombies and all at my main account's album alright ! Enjoy ♥

Jim , Yueyang , Jess Cobra , Me !

Jess Cobra , me , Shannon ( I think LOL )

Jess Cobra & this super nice girl that let me hug her all the way in the haunted house #sweet
My naked face without make up & heels with this extremely "tall" guy .
Daryl brobro & me !

I remember this was always last lame children ride , thanks Jess for this photo HAH .
Me again .
Jess Cobra ♥
I act cute . ^^
Shannon & me .
Waiting to go in USS , me , Wilbert & Jim !
Munching on nuggets with Jess Cobra #1 ^^
Cannot stand Yueyang's face really .
My sissy Raymond ^^
Act cute Reign
Solomon & Benjamin
Prissy & Sing ee
Daryl .

And lastly my super shag face when I got home ! 
I went out with centre parting , but reached home with side . Cool not ? LOL

I swear even though USS scare
me all the way , it was really really enjoyable .
Talked to Jess Kelsey on the phone when I got home from USS for freaking 3 hours plus & she what'sapp-ed me her "Purple care bear bear" while she was talking to me , haha cute girl times 20 . ♥ 

And I had lonely supper last night at home with this all to myself :

Damn full !

Meeting Shane later for a movie , and my birthday is arriving in 4 days ! 
For some reason , I don't feel excited at all . Because I don't think anyone would remember . But it's just a normal day , isn't it ? 

P/S : I stole some photos from Jess Cobra's blog which contains my damn face and she called me a thief . Tsktsktsk . Read her awesome blog @ jesscobra.blogspot.com ! 

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