Friday, 4 November 2011

Happy Birthday to me ?

Hello all ♥ !
I know it's horrible of me to not blog for 4 days .
Because it seems like my life is getting more boring than the usual-already-bored-enough-life .
LOL . It's not that I have a lot of readers & people who care , but people that actually check my blog for updates or out of boredom , I'm sorry that I didn't blog these days & that I failed to entertain & satisfy your boredom ):

And .......... do you guys know ,
it's my birthday today ? HAHA . Ok , Happy birthday to me .
But honestly , I don't feel happy . At first I probably am , but now I'm not *pouts* 

See the face above ?
I'm super angry now , and my face is like that for the past .... few hours ? Hmm /: 

Anyway this is just a really short post ! 
I will update on how I celebrated my birthday , 
how I count down to my birthday & why I am so angry in the next blog post really soon ! 

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You can follow me on Twitter at @KittyVonnC , since I'm really active there nowadays ranting and all . Continue giving me advice and ask me questions at Formspring too , will answer them when I can . Love all of you  ♥ !