Sunday, 6 November 2011

The best birthday I've ever had ♥

It's gonna be a really really long
post today , be good and read all the way ok ?! Hehe . ^^

I remember in the previous blog post , I said I would write about these few things :

How I counted down to my birthday .
How I celebrated it . 
Why was I so angry that night /: .

So now let me start with how I counted down to my birthday first ^^

That night , I didn't really
actually planned to count down to my birthday at all . Cause honestly , I wasn't looking forward to my birthday then . Because I thought nobody would remember & would really want to celebrate it with me . But I still went to meet up with Shane at East Coast that night then [3rd Nov] (:

I was extremely late as usual , 
he always had to wait for me . Hehe . Basically we just went to had dinner @ East Coast Park , sat down & enjoyed the scenery and weather . And soon it was 12AM already , my phone then started ringing like nobody's business . After awhile , it started raining , so we had to leave . Boring isn't it ? /:

Our day ended pretty fast , because there was 
completely nothing to do in Singapore -___- . Drinking all the time would be too boring right ?

And now on 4th Nov , my birthday ♥ ! 
Peixin & the present she brought ^^
 Supposed to meet up with Kristlyn first to celebrate , but
I ended up waking up in the evening . Half of my birth-day gone ! LOL .

But this sweet lil girl ,
Peixin came to my house when I woke up not long ago & brought her pressie for me along ! Hehe . And then I went off to 313 Somerset Fish & Co to have dinner with my family , Peixin came along with us too ! ♥

I censored my candle on the cake because a woman's age must never be revealed . HAHA

First pressie I received from Peixin

Meet my dad behind ^^

I thought it was just a simple dinner ,
suddenly Fish & Co 's crews came & said there's a birthday girl on my table ( which is obviously me ) LOL .
And I had to stand on the chair in public & hold the pink sparklers . But I was damn happy cause everybody sang birthday song for me LOLOLOL ♥ . Was damn happy to spend time with my family ok !!! But I was super paiseh .

I had to blow off my candle from that distance . Haha .
After that , Leonard & Kaiboon came .
I've got no idea why my face look so fat here . The gold hair GL face one is Leonard ^^

Brother , Fiona , Christy , Mike , Dad , me & Peixin !

Anyway , from this paragraph onwards ,
you MUST continue reading ! Because that's where all my surprises started , and I really really wish to share it with everyone who is reading my blog . It may be nothing to you , but it's definitely something that made my birthday this year the best & a great one ♥ !

Remember that I mentioned that
I was really angry in the previous blog post ? Which was on my birthday ? 
Look at the screen shot I've done below , that explains why I was so so furious that day : 
The green one is me , the white is Raymond .
I know it's really really petty of me to get angry over this . 
BUT , Raymond wasn't the only one that keep asking me to celebrate someone else's birthday when it's my birthday too ! And all of them sounded so demanding , & all the SMOOVE peeps kept spam calling me but I just refused to pick up because I was "angry" at them for asking me down to East Coast Chalet to celebrate someone else's birthday when it's mine too . They really got me so upset & angry . 

They really gave me a lot of miss calls just
to ask me to head down to East Coast Chalet to celebrate someone else's birthday , 
why would I not be angry ? 
But somehow in the end , 
they used someone else's number and they managed to contact me and convinced me to reach the Chalet before 11PM that night on my birthday as they said it is really really important . And when I reached there , I was still quite upset because my sister drove me there as I didn't want to be late . And again , emphasizing , it is to celebrate someone else's birthday and NOT MINE . 
And when I reached there ,
Kai asked me to faster head to the second floor's room at the chalet . And when the "Birthday girl" comes, 
I must chiong down the staircase to wish her Happy birthday , while the rests hid at the first floor .___." 
So when I gotten the queue to chiong down and
wish the birthday girl Happy birthday , I realized it was pitch dark , and ....... nobody was at the first floor ? And I was wondering , where is the 'birthday girl'
All I see was a birthday cake in front
of me on the table with my name in the middle . I was c o n f u s e d . LOL
I then turned to my left because I heard a lot of noises and I end up seeing everyone hiding there , and suddenly all of them started singing Happy birthday to me . And then I knew , I was TRICKED . They actually planned to celebrate my birthday , not "someone" else's birthday . I was so happy , so touched till I burst into tears , I really did . I'm not sure if someone took a video but if there's one , I'll definitely upload it .

See my name in the middle or not ?! *shows off*

I swear at that moment , I was FUCKING TOUCHED by what
SMOOVE did . Especially Darwin who got everybody to come and arrange the chalet , went all the way to NTUC and Sheng shiong to buy the BBQ foods . And Raymond that forked in lot's of money for this chalet and even bore with the attitude I gave him before I knew everything . And lastly everyone else who came and put in effort in this . I didn't even expect them to celebrate birthday for me , so the "someone" else's birthday was actually fake . All of them acted so well in front of me that I was COMPLETELY CONVINCED . LOL

Dewdew , Reign , Andrew , Daryl , Yueyang , me , Darwin , Jeremy & Ben

*I censored my age* See what all of them did ! The black ink all smudged though ):
 I really have got no idea , how to thank all of them .
I regret not taking more pictures with the rests of them , & this is really the first time where someone surprised me so successfully . They made me so furious & upset , and then they surprised me with this and made me cry like a bitch . I never expected someone would remember my birthday & most importantly SMOOVE has been super great to me ♥

Went home in the morning with
Peixin , slept like a pig , woke up and ordered Canadian Pizza . Was super full , chat for awhile and she went home ! Hehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .

Everything above was just what
I wanted to share with everyone who wants to read my blog . I appreciate your time , if this doesn't mean anything to you , it definitely means a lot to me . You may had a even better birthday surprise before , but I'm just sharing my birthday celebration . So smile and continue reading ok ! ^^

P/S : I haven't got the chance to celebrate with my friends yet , why all so busy ? I'm lonely girl now ): And I really love the presents & wishes from everyone even if you're a stranger . I appreciate all of that ! ♥