Sunday, 13 November 2011

Life like a Rainbow .


It's been such a long time since I last blogged , I feel so guilty for 
neglecting my blog , Facebook , Twitter & Formspring ....... Are you still helping me click my Nuffnang Ads ?! Click them now ! hehe . 
 I didn't even realized that it's been a week since I last updated my blog . *gasps* 

So it's time for an update , let's go ♥ !  ヽ(*・ω・)ノ
*long post , don't read halfway ok ?!* 
It's just only 5 more days till my event at Zirca and Groove called SMASH #2 !
Ok I know the above photo shows 10 not 5 , that's an error ok ! LOL . Anyway , tickets are at $25 for entry eligible for BOTH Club Zirca and Groove that night , so please purchase your tickets from me with your friends and support me alright ! For that , I appreciate it . Simply leave me a text at 9189 9055 & I'll reserve the tickets for you ! ♥

Let me just roughly say what I did for the past week . 
Though it's only around 7 days where I didn't blogged , but it seems like I've been doing and busy with a lot of things nowadays already . And time never seemed to be enough . 

Me & Cassandra (:
Met up with Pearlyn Zylona that day
at Bugis & we just walked around and followed her to fill up her Job's interview form . Not to mention some stupid stuffs happened that day . After she went off , Cassandra also came to find me at Bugis and we went off for dinner at Long John Silver ! ♥

Cassandra with my ribbon on her head HAHA .
She came over to my 
place after that , had some heart to heart talks though . And I got really furious that night when Cassandra told me she saw Joycelynn Estella checked in at a pub near Bugis on Facebook with Shane and some others . Because Joycelynn Estella actually said she wanted to rip my fucking face apart on FB to other people instead of saying it in my face ............? I mean seriously , if you wanna rip my face apart , please do it , and we'll see who win ok ? 

I got so furious that I quickly prepared
and cabbed down to that pub and see what kind of face she has to stay there  -____-
Really hate to say what happened that day , sucks max . *P/S: She didn't rip my face apart in the end*  凸(-0-メ)

Dawson also came my house
area to find us then , but I couldn't remember which night was it /: 
Look at this super unglam photo that BabyJ took : Tatsuya , Maoquan & Me

Also stayed at Michelle's place for 2 to 3 days , had fun with a lot of people at her place then . 
Had steamboat , played different kind of games too . And also celebrated Tatsuya's birthday with Eric , Alexis , Michelle , Ginity , Charlene , Maoquan , Taigong plus some others and gave him a REALLY REALLY BAD birthday bash . He had flour and egg etc all over him HAHA . They poured 1 packet of flour on me as well btw ):

Went meeting last night at SMOOVE office as well , 
had dinner together with Kai , Benjamin , Daryl , Jeremy , Darwin , Yueyang and Wayne at Bugis KFC ! After that I went over to my sister's place to find her . Had a long talk with her for hours and she drove me home ♥ . 

Supposed to head down to Club Avatar with SMOOVE tonight but I
chose to stay home and blog to you guys tonight ♥ ! Honored ?! LOL . Oh , Yiqing came over my place with Joel this morning to pass me my birthday present and cake . LOL HAHAHA . So I officially received my third birthday cake today ^^ . They waited outside my house from morning till afternoon cause I was sleeping like a pig ........................ oops .___.

Alright !
Time for pictures ♥♥♥

Shane (:
 Btw , he is botak already ! 
Hansum or not ?! Keke .
I bet he's missing his air con at home . 
Love receiving his calls every night ,
though we're not attached and everyone thinks we are , he's still quite important to me , heh .

Met Yvonne too (: 

Michelle's beanie LOL . Do I look weird on it ? /:

Ok enough of me being narcissistic , 
look at my three birthday cake instead . I know it's already 9 days after my birthday , but still .............. LOOK . LOL ! 

With family .
With Babygirl
All very pretty right ?! 
I'm just really very happy & appreciate all the effort that my friends put in for my birthday . ♥

Alright ! That's about all for this few days .
Quite obsessed with learning dance nowadays HAHAHA . Kay , love you all !  ♥♥♥♥♥

P/S : Yu Tat wants his name mentioned . Ok , I successfully had your name in my blog . Those who don't know who he is , he's actually "Ronald Antares" on Facebook . And dedicating this small tiny sentence to Billy Alexion HAHA . 

Follow both of them on Twitter ! @Ronaldchanyt and @Deathbethyfate .