Wednesday, 16 November 2011


A player was once badly played by another player .

Sorry guys if I've been 
spamming you guys on Facebook with my event links , 
but that's because I want all of you to know about it & come down to support me tomorrow ! ♥ 

Heard about this event ? 
It's SMASH #2 presented by us SMOOVE CREWS ! Remember SMASH at Zirca on 17th March ? 
This time it's SMASH #2 at Zirca and Groove ! Two clubs for the price of 1 , tickets only at $25 !
So come on down to support me tomorrow night alright ! 
 9.30PM to 5AM , get your tickets from me tomorrow night ♥ 

Here's a short video for you by our DJs & EMCEEs ♥ :

So excited for tomorrow ! ∩( ・ω・)∩

By the way , 
I met up with Yu Tat at Far East that day and guess what ? 
I finally found the shoe I want ! 
See ! 
It's the same shoes as my doll's , just that it's different texture aha .

At KFC with Yu Tat .
After getting some stuffs
at Far East , me and Yu Tat went all the way to Tampines & met up with Eric , Michelle , Shamin , Taigong , Alexis , Andric , Hongyi , Junwei , Quanlong , etcetcetc . Was damn bored over there , then Steffen came and drove us to Parkway to play pool and some LAN ? Really boring night . 

Supper at Spize with
Steffen , Yu Tat , Thomas , Xiaohao , Shamin & boy too (: 
And then LAN again at Crossfire . Their com sucks to the max , I swear .

Dinner with Dad last night
at Commonwealth , met up with Sherlyn & she stayed over my house .
Not much updates this few days , sorry for this plain boring blog post of mine ): 

I'm gonna spam photos of me , me & still me . 
My lips seemed extra moisture that day in photos , I don't know why . (*ノωノ)

See you guys tomorrow at Zirca and Groove !