Monday, 24 October 2011

Satisfaction doesn't exist .

Good morning ! .
Kay , I know it's really weird to blog at this time of the day ,
but my timing is just really screwed up that's why . And I still have to work at office later on at 5PM , fml . Time is never enough , isn't it ?

Just gonna fill you guys with what I did these three days & pictures first ok ♥♥
 Went Bugis with Rahim last Friday ,
Had lunch , ate my favorite Takoyaki , ate ice cream & had the whole day complaining about how bad my sore throat felt and my horrible hair that day . Center parting just looks weird on me , right /: ? 
Sucks to feel ugly . 
Since everyone was rejoicing that it was Friday last week , I did this before I went out . LOL♥

Rahim & his Laksa .
The person gave me chao da Takoyaki , I don't know why , which ruined my mood ): 

Around evening , headed off to Cineleisure to meet up with Shane darling ♥ !
We went to watch "The Thing" which was a super gross show that I regret watching & went off to Bishan to meet up with Marcus and their friends ^^ 
Me looking so ugly . #foreverunglam 
After everyone gathered at Bishan
we went K Garden , they drank and sang a lot , but I didn't .____. 

It was a long day . Went home before 6 or something ^^ 

And Saturday was the night where SUGAR PARTY
starts again , this is the second party by SMASH but guess whut ? It was god damn awesome at Soul on Saturday night ♥ . Though I was a little tipsy . Blame myself for getting drunk too easily .

Really need to thank Peixin who sent me home & trying to clean up my vomit ,
took care of my belongings and took care of me the entire night till I woke up ♥♥ Plus my silly boy Shane who tolerated with all my nonsense that night . Looking forward to the next SUGAR party .

Know someone
awesome that night , Jess Cobra . Visit her blog ♥ ! Just click on her name & it'll link you there .

And sharing a few photos that I came across today on Facebook ^^ :

This is what happens to me most of the time .

Everyone has to face "reality" . 
But sometimes living subconsciously for too long would only harm us more .  

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