Thursday, 20 October 2011

Rebonded my hair ! ♥

Hi all ♥ !
Just rebonded my hair yesterday at Bugis Chapter 2 , by my favorite Creative stylist , Sky . ^^ 
He's a very nice person , go have all your hair done there okay ! But I think I look weird after I got my hair rebonded /: ? & I have centre parting now t.t 

 Anyway , 
went to Jurong Point to meet up with Justin few days ago 
& we headed to Cineleisure to have our dinner at Graffiti Cafe , then went to Dhoby Ghaut & met up with Wei Jie , stayed there awhile and we went off to Chambers LAN opposite Parklane . Been really a long time since I last logged in AuditionSEA at Chambers ! I threw away my newly pack of Marl Iceblast because I said I quit smoking ._________. But I really haven't touched a stick since that day !! 

After playing LAN
for around two hours , me & Justin headed back home and got our passports , met up with Fiona , Christy and Mike at my house block , then all of us headed to JB, Malaysia to have supper ^^ ! After supper all of us went home (:
Chilli crab ♥
Salted egg crab ♥♥
Crayfish ♥

On our way home , 
Mike let me control his car steering wheel till I reached my house .
Awesome ? LOLOL . I swear I was damn scared actually .

Yesterday ,
like I said , I had my hair rebonded ! Met up with Christy at Bugis Mrt at 1PM ,
had Burger King takeaway & headed to Chapter 2 . She dyed her hair though ! We sat there for hours till 5PM and we headed home straight after our hair is done . 
Straight after rebonding , No make up . Sorry to scare you guys with my naked face HAHA .

Prepared at home again ,
while Christy & Mike came to fetch me and we went to fetch my dad at his girlfriend's place !
After that we went to fetch my dad's friend and we headed to Changi airport , and sent my dad & his friend off . Hope my dad and his friend enjoy themselves at Philippines this 4 days ! ^^ 

We then headed to Tampines & they had their dinner 
while I just sat there since I wasn't feeling hungry .__. After dinner , they fetched me home ♥

Reached home & went out again
with Fiona ! We cabbed to 333 Balestier to have Bak Kut Teh in the middle of the night ^o^ 
Ate really really full and headed home !
[Rest of the photos in Facebook]

Reached home and prepared to sleep ^^ Hehe . 
My day ended with a super full stomach ♥ 

Anyway , 
I created a Facebook Page as requested ! Go like it by searching "Chrysan Huihui Lee" at Facebook OR like it just by clicking HERE . My Formspring updates would be over there ! 

There's gonna be SUGAR PARTY by SMASH
this Saturday @ Soul again ! Who's coming ? Last week was fucking awesome , 
watch this video HERE ! Seen it ? Even though the lights were already on , the crowd refused to leave but asked for "One more song" . Come down Club Soul this Saturday ! *Only for the legal age*

Received a letter from my
darling Claire yesterday , she wrote it to me as she is still inside her hostel . Really touched by her long letter ♥ . Meeting my Shane boyboy tomorrow too , miss him a lottttt .

Starving now ,
shall go have my dinner , byebye ! ♥♥♥  :*