Monday, 17 October 2011

Sugar Party by SMASH ♥

#random: I got awesome long hair .
Which reminds me that Chun Hoe says I need to rebond soon ):
My previous blog post was such a 
dull one /: . Everyone deserves to be happy right ? It's just that , we have to fight for our own happiness & things would get better . People always say this typical sentence , " Life goes on " . But to me , life do goes on , but we wouldn't be happy if we don't make it better & live for others . That's what I learned (:

Went tone Cineleisure two days ago with ,
Yueyang , Benjamin , Daryl , Darwin , Damien & Jeremy that night . Had dinner at Graffiti cafe & caught a movie at the cinemas , "What's Your Number ?" . It's a fucking nice movie , even though it's a very simple story , but it does shows a lot of meaning . All of you should watch it ^^ ♥
*The show is M18*

Had a really meaningful time with them that night , 
we work for the same company SMOOVE , but yet all of us hardly talk . That night was really fun & brought all of us closer . We wanted to take photos , but none of us initiated to take out our phone /: 

Went home after our movie ended , 
changed my heels to flats and headed out with Christy & brought Boyboy to West Coast Park to have a walk ^^ ! We even ate Macs there LOL . 
 *Messy hair*
Boyboy was damn naughty , he just couldn't sit still in the car 
& he gave me lot's of scratches on my lap , Prissy witnessed the scratches okay )'; 

Headed home to rest after eating .

Woke up really really early in the morning the next day
and helped out at Pasir Ris , Water Venture for a event "Concert By The Beach" . Did anyone went (; ? Hehe and thanks Fai for this ugly snapshot below /: .

Helped out there till 10PM & cabbed home with Prissy , washed up , changed clothes , re-make up & cabbed to Prissy's place & then headed down to Soul for SUGAR PARTY by SMASH ♥ ! And we did everything in just an hours time ._.

Love what Prissy bought for me when she went Korea ! :
Brightening masks , Ginseng mask & Hello Kitty mechanical pencil ! 
Plus the awesome Korea seaweed & super spicy Kimchi ! ♥
I miss the taste of it already !

No pictures for Soul last night ,
but it was definitely an awesome event by SMASH , flooded with many people with three DJs spinning in one night . A super sweet party ♥ There was so many people at the party that we didn't had lockers , thanks Ohan for letting me & Prissy put at the operations room ^^

Continue supporting SMASH & SMOOVE !
We serve the legal age & the 16above (;

Was with a lot of people last night at Soul too & seen a lot of familiar faces ^^
Met up with Shane at Serangoon after Powerhouse & Soul ended for us , had dim sum in the morning for breakfast and headed home ♥

Really miss Claire & Peixin . And some others too .
Claire's in A&G hostel , she will be having court soon , miss her a lot . It's been such a long time since I last saw her & the last time she came over my house and all ... She sent me a letter but I haven't received it after 7 days . Hope nothing went wrong /: ?

Starving already , shall blog again soon !
Goodnight & sweetdreams all :*