Saturday, 31 December 2011

5 days of my life ♥ ~ ~

Hi all , I'm utterly fucking upset now . 
Upset , anger and everything mixed together . But this post shall not be a unhappy one , just gonna upload photos and what's happening this five days ! I will do one blog post in later of the day solely on why I am upset and all . If you're reading it cause you care , I appreciate it a lot , really . But if you're reading it cause you're kpo , okay maybe my post will entertain you . If you're reading cause you hate me then ......... I suggest don't read it cause you're gonna hate me more and I really dislike having enemies . It hurts me x 99999999999999 . Ok let's start !

*I didn't wear any contacts for all the photos here , beware cause I'm ugly* 

Went to SMOOVE Christmas chalet on this day !
Had a lot of fun and since I was Damien's secret Santa , I bought him vibrator and men facial wash for him as his Christmas present . Everyone was everyone's Santa Claus that day ! Super fun ♥ Had videos as well , will upload it up soon . Time to make use of my Youtube channel hahaha .

All of us sitting down waiting for our turn to collect pressies ♥♥
See the person that gave this to me even went to get this wrapping paper according to my liking ♥

On the left was a musical box thing given by Yong guan my secret santa . And on the right it's given by Raymond himself personally .
Swear I love what I received that day a lot a lot  a lot ♥♥

The next day , I also went to MDIS & I got enrolled there .
A very nice business school which is fucking near my house with very nice teachers ^^

Ate dinner @ Simei Sakae Sushi with Christy
Lovin' the raw salmon . LOL ♥

This one is something that I always look for when I go Tonkichi

Super fresh salmon

Bought this and headed home that night :
Dollywink lashes & eyeshadow ♥
Dollywink lashes are really really good  to me . Heh .

 Also went to MDIS again on Thursday and sat for two tests that day .
Yu Tat and Jolene came over to MDIS to have lunch with me and they came over my house after that , chatted and everything and we headed off to Orchard plaza !

Jolene and me at my place ♥

Bought this rose @ $10 for charity .____.
Don't mind my horrible eyebags and eye circles .
They're very very very horrible , that's cause I haven't been sleeping well and lot's of irregular sleeps .

Reached Orchard Plaza's OG , went in and
looked for Xiaohao awhile & headed off to shop at ION Orchard . Met up with Weihong and his Girlf as well , so they joined us ♥ ! Went all the way to Sephora to get what I wanted for super long , the lip injection . It hurts but , still worth it right ? For nice lips , have to sacrifice ^^ . But , guess what ? I was super unlucky that day , bought the lip injection already , and LEFT IT IN THE TOILET . -.- By the time when I went back to get it , I realized it was stolen . What's worst is , the thief stole away the lip injection and left the Sephora bag there -.- wtf  . Super unlucky . And because of that , I was fucking upset the whole day ): . It's something the size of my pinky that cost like $40 . To rich kids , it may not be expensive . But it is to me okay !

Anyway ,
after awhile Thomas , Shu xian and Stevie came to meet us and we had dinner @ Fish & Co (:

Me & Shuxian

Stevie , Shuxian , Thomas (:

Thomas just can't smile naturally when he knows there's a cam .
Liping came to find us as well , after dinner , chatting etc , me , Shuxian & Liping went home .
Shuxian came over to my house to stay over that night . That's roughly what I bought that day :
That pink thing is a wig . Yes a wig . But not for me , for my Blythe doll (:

See ? Now my Blythe has new pink hair . Her original hair color is brown search "Veronica lace blythe" and you'll know (:
Super chio pink hair

My HK light says goodnight to you ♥

That's about all this five days . Today is the 31st December 2011 , and I'm being upset .
Will post about it later on . I wish everyone would be happy and all .

Goodnight ! _____