Monday, 26 December 2011

You're Beautiful ♥

See my blog title above ? 
You're Beautiful

Yes you're beautiful . Actually recently I've been busy
watching this Korean drama called "You're Beautiful" . It's a fucking good show and I wished they had season 2 for it or something . Almost everybody's watching it , it's a MUST WATCH ok ! ♥♥♥ I was never a person that's into Korean dramas or Korean stars , I never had an idol till I watched this show and to my surprise I fell in love with them . I can't believe I actually idolize someone now , Korean somemore . And because of this Korean drama , I now have a Youtube Channel . But still not in use YET . Hahaha . Okay back to this few days (:

I have a confession to make .
I did not celebrate Christmas at all . I slept on Christmas eve , and I slept my entire Christmas away . Indeed like I predicted , I celebrated Christmas with no one , aka never celebrate . But I hope you guys enjoyed your Christmas with your friends and family & ate Turkey ?? LOL .

Went to Malaysia the day
before #VAUNT with Fiona , Christy & Mike . Photos ! ^^

Should I change my FB profile picture to this one ?

Me , Ahboy & Fiona

The food there damn nice

Christy & me
And Mike bought me this ! Now I have new HK home slippers ^^

Ate Wanton mee for lunch that day , heard it was "famous" /: ?

Yup , that's about it for Malaysia
It's just a one day trip and nothing much already . Was looking for another flying squirrel that day to accompany the current one that Christy has at home . Quite difficult to find ah ! /: Anyway #VAUNT that day at Azzura was awesome . Pretty models , bikini babes and HUNKS ♥ HAHAHA . Though it was raining that day , the rain stopped when the event started , god bless us ♥ 

Me & Peixin .
 And since it was a beach party , I had to wear flats which makes me shorter than usual ): 


Me & Jolene !


When the sunrise comes ! Peixin's gong face .

And that day Yvonne gave me Christmas pressie . Sanrio products again ♥♥♥
It was a really eventful day
@ Azzura then . Made new friends that day and even the bouncers were so friendly to me . Not to mention that I kept being disturbed by them ): . I wish people could stop thinking that beach parties suck , because after #VAUNT , I realized that beach parties ain't that bad after all . Besides that the volume of the music isn't high enough and it's really WARM . But seems quite fine after all . Had MAC breakfast that day with Peixin , Kelvin , Elfin at Sentosa and headed home together that morning after #VAUNT (: 

Gonna head down to
Simei later to meet Christy and she'll drive me to East Coast Park . Gonna have Christmas dinner with SMOOVE at ECP later ♥♥ So excited to see all of them later again after #VAUNT . And definitely will have Christmas present for everyone ^-^ 

Also need to head down to my future
school tomorrow . Oh my so stress ): . Stress about school , and stress about this boy Shane chia . 
Why do we always quarrel ? I haven't been able to meet him since he book out & I feel extremely guilty . Sometimes I wish I wasn't that busy with all my stuffs and I would have more free time for this boy . I hope he understands ? I wish he's text would faster come soon . 

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Have a wonderful day ahead ~