Thursday, 26 January 2012

Let's all be friends ヽ(*・ω・)ノ

Hi all ! 
Finally blogging again , each time I blog I feel so excited , because I get to share my feelings and my thoughts with you guys ♥ .

I feel extremely happy today(before 12AM) because I finally got to meet up with my dear girl , Peixin !
It seems like a million years since I last saw her , and I finally did ! Ended school today at MDIS & since she ended school as well , we went to meet each other up at Commonwealth and headed to Cineleisure , watched the movie "Dance Dance Dragon" & had dinner there ♥

In cab otw to Cineleisure .
At Graffiti Cafe ♥ ~

When we were otw home )):

Had so much fun together even though
it's just a few hours & I can't wait to see her again . Met a few other girls there as well (:

Seen my blog title ? 

Yeap , let's all be friends !
 If you're reading this , and if we would ever see each other in real life , let's say "hi" . LOL , sounds extremely retarded , but why ? Because I realized that even though friends come and go , why not just make friends and be happy ? Instead of ours knowing people "online" and staring at each other whenever we see each other in RL . I'm super friendly , SWEAR . HAHA .

Friends to me are extremely important . 
One of the reasons why me and Peixin could be so close is because , I know no matter what others say , she still stays by me . I really admire her so much . I mean , no matter how some doesn't like me or bitch about me , she's still here . She's a friend who brings you up with her and not one that leaves or pulls you down . I hate it when I have friends or followers on Twitter that just leave once they heard things about you and what's more maybe even things that are untrue ? If you did that , beware , because next time you might receive back the same treatment . LOL

Back to the last few days .
Let photos speak my mind and do the job : 

Breakfast with Family ♥
Had Mac breakfast with Family that day and
went to pay respects to my mom @ the cemetry . Yes my mom passed away , for the second year already . You can press the "X" button if you don't like it ): .

Also went to Bainian as usual ( visiting and receive angpaos )
But guess what ? My total angpao money excluding my dad's one is ONLY $36 .
But better than nothing . LOL

My niece that moved in with me , but she's already 21 this yr .
Christy & Me
Reunion dinner at home ! ♥
My dog wants to join . LOL

Also went to Orchard that night with my niece ,
Fiona and her boyfriend & had dinner at TCC . ♥

She's wearing my shoes and acting like SZB LOL .

Had this for dinner at TCC !

This drink is super nice .

And the next day ,
Evangelyn also came over to my place to stay over ♥ !
And both of us went to school together the next day (: . She had been a total bitch the entire night HAHAHA . A zilian photo of her below .

And now a spam of my own photos . LOL beware .

That's about it , sleeping late tonight since I don't have lessons on every Thursday !
Might be heading down to AMK later in the afternoon ♥

There's so many sweet couples around me recently , extremely a lot .
I'm starting to envy them so much . Mr right , will you appear soon ? ): 

Will answer Formspring questions tomorrow xx .