Friday, 20 January 2012

Simple life could be the best you would ever have .

Before you get into a relationship , make sure whether is it a crush or you truly love this person , otherwise don't waste each other's time . You both are only gonna get hurt more if things don't turn out well . 

It's been almost a week since I last
updated my blog . But guess what ? Within this week , so many things can happen . This post is probably gonna be filled with things that you are not interested in , but if you can relate , why not ? 

It's true that feelings takes a long time to develop , but it can all be gone in just one night or even lesser . You sometimes wonder why things always don't go smoothly for you in terms of relationships , and starts to think that there's something wrong with you , but think again , you probably just haven't met the right one (:

During this days , 
it's just school school school and school for me . And maybe hung out awhile outside with my friends ? I enjoy studying and taking up lessons in MDIS a lot , made new friends , get along well with teachers , flexible timing and good environment to study , even though their pace is a little faster . Sometimes you may find it hard to concentrate on your studies , just like me in the past . But I realized , when you have the will to do something , think about the great things in life , you can do it . And when you did it , you just keep wanting to move forward and be a better person ^^ 

Here's some photos of me & my friends during this week : 
Me & Evangelynn
Me , Yvonne and Alandrea
Went Bugis with the two of them and Rahim as well .
They fetched me from school and bought me Koi , how sweet ♥.♥ !

I might be snipping my long hair away soon ):

After school !

Since my life's so boring nowadays ,
I shall blog a little about what's on my mind this few days . Been really active on Twitter , and always had the habit of ranting over there @KittyVonnC (Follow if you don't mind getting spammed) . And I just answered my Formspring questions ! View all the questions/answers at my page . Though I still have some friends around me that cares , friends that never left , new friends that entered my life .

Haven't you guys realized something ?
I don't have someone that knows everything , someone that I can rant to 24/7 , someone who I can run up to all the time , someone who would understand everything . It shows something really really true , people come and go . 

Sometimes , when you're feeling so extremely
down and all , your family sensed it , but they don't know how to cheer you up or approach you especially when nowadays , we hardly communicate with our family members . But yet again , they really care a lot . Never ever take your family for granted , or even the people around you .

"No matter how much you dislike someone , never take them for granted" 

That day , I told my brother how much I love him , but guess what ?
He's reply made me think and reflect a lot upon myself . And whatever he said is really true . He said : "If you love me , then you should learn to cherish yourself , so that we won't have to worry ! Love you (: "

Because of what he said ,
I realized that in order to love someone , you gotta first love yourself . 
If you want someone to understand you , you gotta understand them as well . 

Honestly , besides school ,
I really haven't been doing well . Regardless of family , relationships and friendships , it really sucked to the core for me . No joke . I can't elaborate much about all this anymore , I'll only be wasting time ranting and getting upset over things that can't be changed . But days still goes on , move forward and be a happy person for the ones that loves you .

Gonna share some tweets here that I tweeted in Twitter :
"Never take short cuts , because if you do , you'll miss out a lot "
 "It's true that we've to be careful of who we let into our lives , but we often just choose to let them in"
"When you love someone , you would risk everything just to protect him/her"
"There's ups and downs in life , through this journey , people come and go as well"
"Sometimes you lose yourself while you're trying to get someone back" 
"Stay with someone who makes you love yourself"

Someone who truly loves you , wouldn't bear to let you go unless you wanted the person to .

My blog titles says simple life could be the best we would ever have ,
now , do you know the reason ?

*If you're unhappy with whatever I said in this blog post , I'm sorry . I'm just writing how I feel personally*