Sunday, 15 January 2012

Letting the past go .

Ever tried letting go 
part of your past but it just seems so difficult ? I did . But I believe I can , so do many others out there .
Honestly , if you don't let go of the past , how do you move forward in life ? Staying in the past wouldn't make me feel any better , so I decided to let go and move forward . It was difficult but I have to do it . 

"If you wanna leave , leave completely . Otherwise , don't leave me hanging" 

My brother once told me ,
"The best solution = The hardest solution ; Forget & move on . I understand it's hard , but at least try ?"
Whatever my brother told me also taught me something , if you never tried , you never know . I am unhappy most of the time , getting upset over what had happened and what can't be undone , but soon I realize I still have to move forward . I feel blessed and thank those people who continued staying by me through ups and downs . And new friends and new people that came into my life . Even whoever that's reading my blog now I thank & I feel blessed that I have you guys . Nothing else could be better knowing that you're blessed with people who care ♥

Alright , enough of that .
Anyway had dinner @ MA MAISON , Bugis with family ^^

Looking super tired that night )':
I didn't dare to eat this LOL .

It has also been a long time since I last used & brought my DSLR or SONY cam out .
So iPhone photos ok ? x:

Fiona and me ♥
I had this whole pizza to myself . ♥♥

Dad ♥

Me , Zhengrong & flying squirrel ^^
Zhengrong officially moved into my place that night ♥

Flying squirrel damn kewt hahaha ♥
Obviously me trying to wink ):
#Act cute

The next day , met up with Kitty again !
But this time met him @ Pasir Ris interchange , and because I came really really late , he had no where to head to for dinner , I felt so guilty ): . But in the end we still managed to find a place to fill our stomachs and after dinner , we were like trying to persuade each other to take the money for the meal HAHA .

I remembered , this one really fucking salty .
School's starting tomorrow again ,
and I'm feeling kinda exhausted and energy drained . Sigh , what should I do ? This year seemed so important to me . But I've learned that in life , no one could help you unless you first help yourself . ^^

Oh btw , can you guys respond to this ? :

*please ignore all the different makeups*

- Should I not do anything to my hair 
- Cut fringe
- Cut bangs 

This one is my current hair .

I want this hair back , but I can't do it anymore so forget it .

Bangs that I used to have .

Or should I cut back to this one ?

My current hair .

So yeappppppp , I'm in a dilemma of thinking which one should I cut my hair to . /:
And my second account Chrysan Huihui Lee II is getting so dead omg , I might consider deleting it . Nowadays posting status in FB seems more interesting than usual , it's like having mini discussions with people who commented in it , hehe . And friends that used to be around me did contact me back , they just told me they realized how I hardly went out anymore . I probably didn't had enough time to hang out everyday like I used to . Time to show my dad I will be alright , right ? (:

Work hard ; Play hard

Formspring questions answered again ! Click my Ads k ! Goodnight all