Thursday, 12 January 2012

Life with you was memorable , no ?

Hi , whoever you are . 
I'm feeling so fucking lonely nowadays . It's different from the past now , I used to have more friends . But it was friends where you guys didn't like . Now that I don't have friends they you do not like anymore , would you be my friend and come closer ? No . Why are you guys so selfish then ? ):  

I've learned something , 
Nobody stays forever , only the one that loves you does . 

It's really true because I've seen it and 
I went through it . It didn't felt good because I am someone whom I hate to be forgotten and neglected . And especially when someone bad mouths me , I really hate it . But I can't stop people from talking about me isn't it ? 

Back to my current days : 

My first day of school @ MDIS was boring . 
Classes did not start , lecturer just talks to you , lot's of smoking breaks and not many is interacting , boring much ? But that day , Chun Hoe came down MDIS to make some payment as well so he came to find me awhile and we headed for lunch at our school canteen . We were talking about so many stupid things till a certain timing and I headed down to Orchard to meet Alandrea to accompany her walk around and met En Hao to pass him his rebates .

Ate this with ChunnyChunChun LOL

Me & Alandrea
Took a lot of photos that day using Alandrea's cammy & had heart to heart talks ♥ 

Hung around Orchard till 
we headed to Lucky Plaza and waited for Kitty & his friends to come . 
Played pool and I think the rests went home ? While I went home , prepared and headed out again to JB Malaysia for a day and came back the next . And you guys wondering who is Kitty ? Here : 
Look familiar to some of you guys right ? LOL .
Anyway , 
had a sumptuous meal at night in JB and headed back to Grand Paragon hotel ,
took a shower and immediately slept like a pig cause I was feeling to dead exhausted ): 
Woke up the next day , went over to visit my Granny awhile in JB ( I'm not a Malaysian ) & headed back home in the evening ♥ .

Kitty :3

Headed to school again
the next day and did some payment with my sister , ate lunch and headed back home . 
Took a nap , and headed out to meet Kitty again at Aljunied last night , went Kbox @ Bedok & headed back home . Boring days isn't it ? Oh , and to mention how nice my brother were , he even ordered KFC for me ♥ 

Felt like a bitch when 
I woke up just now , feeling extremely unwell and exhausted . Flu and stuffs that's killing me and I started tearing like a girl , hate to feel so fucking unwell really . Must force myself to have enough sleep in the future , or I'll end up feeling unwell and have puffy eyes again . 

I'll start blogging often again , 
I some times just can't afford the time to . Heading out for dinner with family later for some celebration heh . Sighhhhhhhhhhhhh , feel so exhausted . 

It's great to have someone in your mind to think about , rather than knowing that you're alone ♥ 

P/S : Formspring questions answered , ask me anything HERE 

(I've got no idea who started flagging some of the questions in my Formspring such as questions from "Haters of Goodgirl Cally" and "Haters of the guy I blogged about" . Cause when there's questions in Formsprings asked about them , people will just flag it . LOL )