Saturday, 7 January 2012

Words that I'll never forget .

I really enjoy blogging so much . 
It wasn't a wrong decision to create this blog now that I have looked back . I started blogging in this blog not long ago , end of June last year ? Yeap . Even though it's just a few months , this blog has everything in it . My feelings , my thoughts , my friends , my relationship , my family & my worries . It's like every time I just rant in my blog . This blog is my "best friend" (:

Ever since my 
last blog post , I have not hung out with my friends , didn't meet up with them , it's just me , alone at home with my bro . And maybe my sist & her boyf too . I still get really really upset nowadays , recurring nightmares about him , not being able to forget this guy that makes me feel so wonderful and awesome , how can I just forget everything ?

Anyway , it was kinda funny two days back . 
Yiqing called me while I was having a nightmare and I woke up and thought it was real -_____-
Super stupid & dumb right ? She came over my place after that & bought some stuffs for me too ! Greatly appreciated ♥ :

Christmas present from her ! ♥
She's mean cause she didn't wrap it in pink HAHA . K kidding .

Sho sweet ah ?! Help me top up mask somemore ♥♥♥
Before I upload this photo ,
I already rotated it , I've got no idea why is it still ........ not rotated ? /:

SEE ! She also bought me this HK earcap . SO CUTE
Fits on BB too ! :
She never fail to surprise me .
Each time she comes to my place , she surprises me with something she bought for me . Too sweet or what ? HAHA . We had this really long talk at our place till I had to go grocery shopping . We're not like the past , we don't talk like how we used to . But I like her more now , at least now she knows how to think for herself and changed for the better . At least now , she knows how to protect and treasure her own body . I just hope this little girl would learn how to think for herself as well ♥

That evening , I went grocery shopping
with my sister Fiona ! Hahaha , bought so many things ! We both carried all the stuffs till we reached home - HALF DEAD ALREADY OK . SUPER HEAVY . But look at our dinner :
LOL my HK slippers .
Ate dinner with Brother , sister and her boyf that night !
Love the food and the Tomyam soup base ♥♥♥ . Cooked maggie mee in the hot pot some more LOL .

As usual , strawberries & whipped cream was my dessert ! But I couldn't find whipped cream that day ):
 And now it's just some random camwhores of mine LOL .
Bear with my face okie ?! ♥♥♥♥ OH , and before checking out my ugly faces , watch this retarded video of mine :

It's like , I was camwhoring and then ..... my webcam was recording me and I didn't know ..? LOL .
I uploaded it on Facebook , go see the hilarious comments !

This photo is exception , not taken today .

Gonna share some photos here , taken from my sister's blog @ http://feeyonaa.blogspot.com

I shared all this photos because , I find it really meaningful ♥

And by the way ,
this girl @Peixin Limerence (@Crazymeowmeow on Twitter) is A T T A C H E D ♥.♥ !!!
Hehehe , so last long ok ♥ . No matter how heart broken I feel about my own relationship , I still feel glad and elated when I knew she was attached to this cute malay guy . Hahaha love her to the max , called her while she was having her break time at work then ^^

Heading off to MDIS on Monday to
get some paper work done (STARTING SCHOOL THAT DAY OMG T_T) , and heading down to Essensuals @ Bugis for my hair appointment on the 20th Feb as well . Still got a lot of time till my hair appointment , but I'm just gonna write it here and hope some kind soul will remind me to head down Essensuals that day x:

Kk , emo time :

This song introduced by Yiqing .

"Every song I listen to , it still reminds me of you"

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