Sunday, 9 September 2012

Days as usual .

Had problems uploading
the video ! Enjoy the photos first and maybe I'll upload the video some other time ^^

That's Ginity in the picture , 
as usual she came over to my place and facing my messy bed , we decided to get my bedsheets changed ! And since my sister bought me a set of Hello Kitty bedsheets from OG as she knows I like them , we decided to use the HK bedsheet set ! ^^ 

First ...........
We placed the comforter onto my bed and febreeze it ! LOL

Then we covered the Hello Kitty bedsheet over the comforter ! 
Your bed would feel more comfy and keeps you warm if you have comforters beneath the bedsheets ! Bed place to buy them ? It's none other than Ikea !

And hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee , we got everything done ! ♥♥

And we sort of cleaned up the room  a little ahahahha ,
Ginity always places her towel on my roller chair and I'll always nag at her to seriously place it somewhere else LOL .

On that very day ,
Christy also bought me this top from G2000 ! You might wonder why did I pick such an ugly top but seriously , it's material is freaking amazingly comfortable and soothing ! ^^ I wouldn't mind wearing it out and it has very delicate sleeve as well hahaha . But I've got seriously NO idea what bottoms I should match it with ! Suggestions ? What would you match it with if you were me ? 

Would you flip up the sleeve to reveal the stripes or remain as white ?
Moving on to the next day ,
I attended Christy's graduation ceremony at SIM University !

Ginity helped me took this photo
before I left my place while I leave my entire house to her HAHAHHAHA .

Outfit for that day (:

 The top I'm wearing over here is a top
sponsored from ShopTheLust , HERE's my video Advertorial I've did for them in case you haven't seen ! Bottoms from Forever 21 (best place to get jeans for me , because I've short legs and skinny waist and they have my size !)  And shoes from Haute Urban Style ^^

Blood sister , Fiona ♥
Even though I'm short , she's wearing wedges to enhance her height also okay !
K , I'm just gonna admit I'm short HHAHAA .

Of course I didn't graduate from SIM , I stole these from Christy !

Christy and daddy ^^

Do I make an awesome photographer ?
K I'm kidding , I just find these cool HAHAHHA .

Thank you dad for this shot ♥

My dad took this photo of me which shows such a greedy and grumpy side of me ! I was mad tired and hungry that day cause I didn't even slept for a minute . Super unglam but worth it for you to take a laugh at LOL

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS PHOTO SO MUCH ! ♥ Don't ask me why because I don't even know why myself .

Me and beloved dad ♥♥♥♥♥

Christy and her boyfriend , Mike . She looks so happy (':

And then that night after the
graduation , I went all happy and flying AHHAHAHHA . Okay la never fly but I'm just shocked . Because ............... here's a message from one of Christy's Uni-mate !

FINALLY SOMEONE SAID MY NAME IS UNIQUE INSTEAD OF SAYING " HAR ? Chrysanthemumtea arh ? " LOL Thank you lovely ♥

Now here , please behold because
subsequent photos below are all of my naked face with absolute no make up or even contact lens . I know I look horrendous with or without make up , but still , I think it's better to warn you guys , right ? ^^ Anyway , so I went Vivo City that day with Christy , Mike & Ginity and we watched the movie 'Greedy Ghost' . It's a really significant movie because it actually shows an ugly side of human nature etc . Worth watching !

In the car on the way to Vivo .

Me & Ginity , since I didn't had make up on , shades was what I need to cover up my ugly eyes !

OK LOL . Here comes disaster .

I placed these photos on Instagram actually , exposed my naked face to 1.3k people on twitter HAHA

And finally in the car headed home after the movie !
 Two days after that , 
I headed to Eunos Community Centre to watch a Lion Dance performance performed by my friend Kai Ming (tail of the Lion) , his partner Eng Chuan (Head of the Lion) & their troupe ่—ๅจ (Yi Wei) . 

To be honest , 
I know nothing about Lion Dancing and their performances even though my brother himself is from a Lion Dance troupe ๅ—ไป™ (Nam Sieng) . But after heading down to Kai Ming's performance and watching a few other Lion Dance performance online at www.long-shi.com , I started to gain interest in it ! And of course , that day at Eunos CC was an enjoyable day (:

Kai Ming on the left , Eng Chuan on the right . They're amazing partners , they might quarrel , but they both work hard together to achieve a common goal for their troupe . 

Eng Chuan left , Kai Ming right .
They're both really nice friends
and I just love spending time with them and of course not forgetting Ginity who knows the both of them as well ! If I ever got the chance , I would just wanna have fun with them the whole day with no worries !

Me on the left , Kai Ming on the right and my dog Ahboy in front HAHA . You don't get to see 'all white' all the time ! Rare moment , so Ginity took this photo while she's chatting with Eng Chuan hahahha .
And of course besides leisure , I had to go to school still ! 
Just on one particular day where I decided to take photo before I head to school , you'll see how exhausted I look ! I haven't been sleeping well at all ): 

Eyebags shouldn't even exist .

Despite being lazy to put on much make up , I also went Kbox @ Cineleisure to finish my Martell balance there with Christy , Ginity & Kelvin (:
Do I look funny smiling while exposing my teeth ... ? LOL HAHA
And another random day where I decide to head out with a beanie hahaha
This other day where I headed out with Ginity in a really casual outfit to Jalan Besar to have supper ! ♥
Not to forget this one , taken at Anderson's Ice Cream at Suntec City on the last day of IT show with Justin (:

Now time for some Instgram photos ! ^^

My lovely pet dog who's with me for 6 years and counting ♥ Breed ? Japanese Spitz (:
And here's Christy's lovely pet dog (:
The male and the female , female gave birth to a baby boy below ! ^^
Here's me feeding the newborn omg he's mad cute ♥  But I still love my own pet dog more HAHAHA *biased*



He's always there to greet me , wagging his tail when I come home (':
Despite the fact that he always creates a mess hahahahaha

InstaFood time ! ♥

Supper @ Jalan Besar
YTF @ Vivo .

Favorite ♥

Mango Pudding @ Hong Kong Cafe that day with my brother Jiangyao , Leonard , Joel , Ginity , Kai Ming and Eng Chuan ^^ It was so enjoyable ♥

Favorite Xian Dan Pang Xie ♥ Also @ Jalan Besar .

Breakfast that Thomas made and delivered over to my place , THANK YOU SO MUCH I SWEAR I APPRECIATE IT ! ^^ In return , I'm gonna make him my signature scramble egg one day LOL

Food that Kai Ming bought and brought all the way to my class for me during my lesson in MDIS .
He actually attended lessons with me in my class ,
and guess what ? My lecturer thought he's one of our students as well and passed him notes , while he went out to buy food , I actually wrote answers for him on his paper while I wrote a different answer for myself on my notes . Ended up , the answer I wrote for him on his paper is correct while I got it wrong myself wtf .

@ Anderson's Ice Cream ♥
Still prefer Salted Caramel at Thomson though !
Salted Caramel's Ice cream and waffles are superb ! ♥ 

Strawberry , Vanilla and Forest berries blended smoothie ♥

One of the days early in the morning around 5 AM at Maconalds nearby my house . I didn't drink it in the end cause I realized I could still taste the coffee despite having caramel and whipped cream mixed ):

Hate coffee like I do ? /:

Good food will never exclude Ikea Meatballs ! IKEA's MEATBALLS ARE DAMN AWESOME ♥ Had these few days ago and am missing it already ! Their sauce are legendary , and to exaggerate a little , their meatballs' can literally bounce off the surface if you threw it LOL . In case you're wondering what meat is it , it's actually chicken mixed well with beef . So if you can't eat beef , don't !

This is just random , my dad bought me a new Fan and a new Vaio laptop LOL . Thank you dad ♥ (':
My dad lives with his girlfriend ,
although he hardly comes home , I still love him more than ever . I've got no idea how to express my love for someone sometimes . And each time he comes home , I wish he could just stay a little longer and probably start a conversation with him ? People thinks he's feeling all happy with his girlfriend . But truth to be told , he's still grieving over my mom's death . It was never easy for him , even though my mom left him physically , she never left my dad . No one could ever replace that special position my mom has in my dad's heart . No one , and that's why I still love him even though he has a girlfriend (: People get lonely , they need someone to be by them at least , because I know no matter what , I'm just his daughter . I can't be the one having heart to heart talks all the time and trying to heal his heart . I love you dad , if you're reading this haha ♥

And THIS picture below , is a board game
called Candy Land . I'm not sure if it's still out for sale or it has already stopped but I came across this board game from the show Dickie Roberts comeback or something . Dickie Roberts is a former child star and this board game is really significant to him . Which then leads my attention to be diverted to this board game and I really really want to get it ! 
I wonder if it was ever on sale in Singapore before . 

Alright ending this blog post ! There was supposed to have a video for this blog post
to guide you through , however some technical problems occurred , but I'll still try to upload it ! As it also contains what I bought from mainly H&M , Watsons and Sephora . So anyway hope you guys have a good day and be happy ! Byeeeeeeeee ♥.♥ 


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