Thursday, 27 September 2012

LOVE MORE ♥ Our Skin Only Deserves The Best !



I'm really excited to share with you guys what
I received from Secretive ! They sponsored me Love More masks and YES , Love More is one of the best selling masks in Taiwan ! Also I've actually been using Love More masks for quite some time even before they sponsored me , I love how Love More masks comes in super cute looking packaging & smells really wonderful ! I would be telling you more about their masks and you can choose masks that could tackle your problems , doesn't matter if you're male or female :D

They are all 100% natural , 100% skin-fit and 100% good for you !
Look ! Can't wait to try them out , their masks never ever disappoints me ! They're INCREDIBLY COMFORTABLE AND SOOTHING ♥

However , are you guys like me ?
Constantly worrying about our complexion , wondering if we're using the right facial products & if they're hydrating our tender skin ? Or you just really wanna give your skin a good treat but not so costly and inconvenient ? Well then firstly ,  I've to introduce you to the LOVE MORE 's Loofah & Aloe Vera Hydrating Mask !

The Loofah & Aloe Vera Hydrating Mask
 provides the skin's most desired and most sought-after nutrition . Love More used selected top grade plant extracts , traditional formulation from all over Taiwan & combine varies professional ingredients together with high quality deep ocean water as base ! It gives your skin a BOOST of deep hydration , keeps our skin refreshed , healthier looking , repairs , refine and definitely gives you a radiant glow ! This fine silk mask is the BEST for you wanna keep your skin moist all day long !

And of course that's not all
that Love More wants to tell you ! Introducing you my favorite mask from the lot that I've received ............................ Drum roll please ............ No kidding , no drum rolls needed . But really I've got to show you my favorite one ! I LOVE IT , because it's what I need the most . It's the Wine Yeast Whitening Mask !!!!!!!

WHY is this my favorite ?

Because I always wanted a fair and youthful complexion !
The Wine Yeast Whitening Mask provides whitening effect which I need the most . This mask contains protein-rich ingredients for skin refining effect which is the secret behind the
soft and youthful hands of sake brewery women ! The ingredient used is mild and refines skin well regardless of age and gender , resulting in fair and soft supple skin ! WITH THIS , YOU DON'T NEED TO ENVY SAKE BREWERY WOMEN FOR HAVING SUPER SOFT SKIN ANYMORE !!!! ♥♥♥

Love More has also
included the other 2 flavors from the same series for me to try ! They're so nice ! ♥

The Mountain Tea Polyphenols Moisturizing Mask !

Mountain Tea has the BEST anti-oxidizing effects
amongst other plant , as it contains high level of Cetaphins . It is scientifically proven that Cetachins are particularly good for skin care ! And look it's all natural ♥ ! It helps diminish visible pores as well as giving your skin a lifting effect and results in flawless complexion ! With this , you can now say goodbye to big ugly pores and saggy skin :D

The Pearl barley & Milk Smoothing Mask !

Love More products are always direct
 in solving our problems . We want baby soft skin , and here they produced Peal barley & Milk smoothing Mask ! Like no other , barley is rich in protein , fat , carbohydrates , vitamins B1 , B2 , amino acids , barley prime and barley esters nutrients . Finely-selected barleys-milk combination for maximum revitalizing effect ! No more oily shine , but instead your skin would be glowing in radiance feeling firmer and smoother !

I always hate putting on masks ,
but ever since I start using Love More I don't even wanna take them off sometimes ! I love how COMFORTABLE and RELAXING it feels ! And I always peel off the mask with very smooth skin and light just seems to bounce off my face to give that really nice radiant glow ! What's more putting on masks before sleep with my girlfriends are one of the best sleep overs ever ! Or even putting on a facial mask after a really long tiring day , SOOTHING ♥ !

Love More masks are amazing !!! Love them !

Good skin in 10-20 minutes time , SUPER WORTH IT OR ULTRA WORTH IT ??

Pamper your skin because our skin only deserves the best ♥ !
You can purchase Love More masks from selected Watsons outlets or even more convenient , you can get them from SECRETIVE.SG ! Their prices are FREAKING AFFORDABLE & many other masks you desire can be found on Secretive's website as well ! For more information on the product , visit : SECRETIVE.SG | FACEBOOK PAGE | TWITTER | LOVE MORE SG

Or direct your questions to my FORMSPRING

Some pictures of my skin if you would like to see ...............

Start to take care of your skin right now ! ^^