Friday, 30 November 2012

Happy days like this .

It was such a random date . 
Alandrea , Kaiming , EngChuan & I decided to head off to Plaza Sing ! 


When we reached Plaza Sing , we decided to head to Hong Kong Cafe for late lunch ^^

I don't know why in this picture EngChuan looks as if he's being punched or like there's strong wind blowing in his direction LOL

After the late lunch , talking & mini shopping , 
we headed off to their lion dance troupe since they had training ! Alandrea and I were having lot's of talks together . Hehe

My loots that day !!
Got two Hello kitties soft toy , one of each was bought
from my boyfriend to me . I just casually said that I liked it and next moment when I wasn't noticing , he bought it for me :p 

Alandrea's OOTD

Me on the left & Alandrea on the right !

We took tons of photos !

The next day I met up with Peixin
at Vivo City for lunch ! We had The Soup Spoon :D 
It was crazy , I didn't felt like putting up even a single drip of make up on my face that day . So what happened was , I brushed my teeth , took a shower , changed & headed out to Vivo to meet Peixin already /: 

Also bought some vitamins of hair & moisturizer etc . 
After that , I went home & she went off for her talk . 

Both days were so great , I wish it'll never end , I wish they could be by me forever ♥ .......