Monday, 26 November 2012


Once in awhile , 
I always have a post solely on Instagram photos which I haven't showed you guys . It's just for viewing pleasure . And I really do agree that pictures shows a lot more and do a better job than writing all the time :D 

Photos would be separated into sections such as me(narcissist) , beauty ,
OOTDs(Outfit of the day) , Foods , hair , Random snapshots etc etc ! Starting off from my dog : 

When he's looking curious ! View the how he tilts his head on my GIFBOOM @ChrysanLee !

While he was yawning in the morning when I decided to give him a good pat on the tummy ^~^

Excited to have his lunch

Taken just a few days back when I hugged him on the sofa LOL ! He licked my face a second after we took this picture !

I was having Macdonalds for supper , didn't gave him much attention and suddenly he laid on my lap giving a loud sigh LOL ! So cute

He fell asleep while I hugged him

Taken just today ! Was out to Jcube (: And yes , I didn't really bother to doll myself up nowadays .

Simple make up x hairdo the other day !

Again , simple make up x two pony tails !

At Bugis with Ginity

After school (:

Simple make up x outfit .

Before heading to Malaysia with boyfriend (: Usual make up x hair & simple outfit .

Thick skin me decides to do lip biting but fail LOL

@AMK with boyfriend . My face looks extremely fat here loh . Boyfriend sucks at taking pictures :@ !

Bus ride home with the boy ♥ P/S : He fell asleep after that . 

@Buona Vista after dinner at Vivo City

Outside H&M

Crushed up tissue papers at the back shows that I was down with flu !
Early in the morning still can take photo LOL . Small eyes and messy hair , pardon me !

So how do I look without my usual make up ?

New twitter header's photo ! @ChrysanLee

Boyfriend accompanied me to shop at H&M that day ! Watched Ahboys To Men at Cineleisure after that (:

A random day where boyfriend & I decides to be nice to our eyes & apply my favorite collagen eye patch

Too lazy to add filters to some of my photos !

Simple tee with zip ( bought online ) , shorts , flat based shoes .

Off to Bugis . H&M basic , shorts , strappy platforms .

To Dawson ! Translucent long sleeve top x pants x leather shoes .

To Queensway ! Simple knitted long sleeve dress with bun up hair ! It's crazy to wear this in Singapore . The weather ....

To AMK Hub that day , hair tied up , simple tank top from Cotton On , Jeans from Forever 21 & candy colored heels !

To the Sentosa Spooktacular , simple polka dotted dress , bareback .

To H&M to shop , half winged top , necklace from talisman , clutch & black boots . 

Dinner at Vivo city's Earle Swensens . Black dress , wedges .

Written by boyfriend in a diary he gave to me

Did facial masks at home with boyfriend (:

Part of my room (:

While I was sick , boyfriend took care of me . And when I was asleep , he drew this

The view outside my house .

Meatballs x Pasta @ IKEA !

Hot dog x Donut (I SWEAR IT TASTE SUPERB) x Vanila Ice cream @ Ikea !

The waffles ♥.

Thai Iced Milk Tea @ My favorite Thai restaurant !
They serve freaking 
awesome Thai food . Should do a blog post on that when I make a trip there ^^ !

Bought cupcakes @ Delifrance ♥ !

Pepper Lunch at AMK HUB

Dessert after pepper lunch

Favorite dessert .

One of the dish we ate at Malaysia with boyfriend & his troupe members the day where they had performance there !

FROLICK @ CINELEISURE . Guess which is mine :p ??


Ending this blog post with a joke below .
If you understand , good for you . It's really very funny if you know Chinese ! 


 Goodnight everyone
I love you all , have a great day everyday hehe . 

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