Friday, 23 November 2012

My birthday celebration !

It's so crazy that I just wanna share it right here . 

My birthday is on 4th November . 
And when the clock strike 12.00AM from 3rd to 4th November , I received a huge surprise . Seriously , HUGE . To me , it is really so crazy like a drama , not sure how you guys see it , but I was so elated and surprised . 

On the 3rd November , I had
a date with my then friend (right now current boyfriend) , Kaiming . So I was waiting for him to come fetch me from my house & I didn't find anything amiss at all . Not long after I was done preparing , he was outside my house & of course I thought we were heading for supper already & everything felt so simple ! Once I stepped out of the house , he seem to be in such hurry , he was like 'faster' , hurrying me to lock the door . Then he sort of pushed me near the railings by the side of the corridors DIRECTLY at my door step , and THIS was what I saw .................. :

They used 200 candles just to make this 'Happy Birthday' for me , I love it , seriously .

I can never believe this . I never thought that it would ever happen to me . 
Kaiming isn't the romantic sort of person , but he put in so much effort for this and really I was touched . It's just directly below my house looking down from my house (13th floor) directly outside my door step . At first I didn't even see it , then he say 'you look carefully again' . When I saw , I SCREAMED . After that , I thought that was it , no more surprises . 


Then he hurried me to the lift , 
and immediately when the lift door opens , THIS WAS WHAT I SAW IN IT : 


I mean , how did that happen ?? 
How come he could do all this alone ? How come the hello kitty balloon was inside the lift ? How come he was so sure that the correct lift would come up to the 13th floor once we are waiting for the lift ? How come ? There were so many questions in my head ! And the reason why he got me this Hello kitty helium balloon was because I tweeted MONTHS back that I wanted a hello kitty balloon on my birthday . And he remembers . 

Again , right after we reached the lobby , I thought it was over .
BUT NO . We headed to the place where the candles were placed . And there , I saw my best friend , Eng Chuan , his friends who helped out in the whole freaking thing ! I was already so happy to see all of them . But what made me even happier was that Eng Chuan was hurrying saying "快点快点!剩下几分中而已 liao !" In English , it means , "Hurry up ! We're left with a few minutes !" 

The split second Eng Chuan said that , 
I wonder what it means ! And all of them were beaming with smiles . They looked cheeky ! Like they were up to something , so secretive ! Then suddenly , all of them brought a cake and walked towards me singing the Happy Birthday song in unison . Then I knew Eng Chuan actually meant 'a few minutes' more before my birthday ! They counted down to my birthday !  I was so touched seriously .  

Kaiming & I

From left : Leon , EngChuan , me , Kaiming & Desmond !

It was my favorite Strawberry short cake (':
They made me cry so hard ,
it's a pity I don't have the photo taken with Queenie . It was really like a drama to me . Kaiming was so sweet , he actually wrote a diary for me , containing most of our photos and there , he 'proposed' to me LOL . No la he just asked me to be his girlfriend while I was still in tears . And I said , yes (':

We had Macdonalds for supper after that !
All of them got burned by the candle wax , rushed all around Singapore the entire day while I was sleeping , didn't get to eat and didn't had time to rest at all . I really really appreciate it , even till today

The next day , 
my actual birthday (4th November) I had dinner with family at Earle Swensens @ Vivo City ! 
The funny thing was , I thought it was just a casual simple dinner and not a celebration for my birthday . I was so upset because I thought my birthday only grew less significant as the year passes . But again , I was filled with surprises ♥ ....

My OOTD that day (:
In the car on the way to Vivo !

At Earle Swensens
When I reached there ,
I immediately went for the salad LOL . Love Earle Swensen's salad buffet !!!

Best friend Eng Chuan came for the dinner too !!!

Throughout the dinner ,
honestly I was hoping for some birthday songs or birthday wishes . But none at all ):
I was disappointed . But then suddenly as we were about to leave .... my family members hinted Kaiming to get something for me from the counters of Earle Swensens . I thought what it was .. And then suddenly , THIS APPEARED : 

You may wonder why does it say "happy birthday cry-son" .
Well it's because my brother , who went to order this cake wanted to tease me :@ !!!!!!
My name on IC is "Chrysan Lee" however my sister suggested to put "Happy birthday Kittyvonnc" instead . But my brother wanted to tease me , so he was like "NO , I wanna put happy birthday cry-son" ! Which is the reason why it is "Cry-son" and not kittyvonnc or my real name , Chrysan .

Because when
I was in school , teachers and students always pronounce my name wrongly . They always pronounced is as cry-son , cry-sand or etcetcetc . It's supposed to be pronounced exactly the way you pronounce Chrysanthemum ! Sigh .



And the best thing was , IT'S A RAINBOW CAKE THAT I'VE ALWAYS WANTED !!!! I SERIOUSLY WONDERED HOW MY FAMILY KNEW . Was it because I tweeted it before ???? Seriously , this year's birthday was everything I wanted ♥ ...... I'm truly touched by my family , friends & even their friends

 Then , they started singing
happy birthday song to me I was like omg when did this happen and I didn't even know !!!!! Especially when we were in the same car towards Vivo , who brought the cake ? How come I don't know ? LOL

Picture with papa

With the man of the family ! Dad , me & brother

With family ! Dad , me , brother . Behind left to right : Second sister , elder sister
This is the part where I was
laughing like a mad bitch because my dad was the one taking photos for us and suddenly my second sister went to mess with his cap LOL . So all of us were laughing ...
Censored my face because it was too unglam to be seen

And then ... we laughed even harder cause it's fucking funny LOL !

Eng Chuan , Ginity , Me & Kaiming !

With everybody

Went to Chambers LAN @ Ang Mo Kio with Kaiming , Engchuan and their friends after that (: 

It was really such a freaking happy day for me . 
Both last year & this year's birthday was perfect ♥ ..... If peixin was here it would be better but she couldn't make it ): 

Next blog post : Instagram photos ! 

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