Saturday, 1 December 2012

Sundown Festival !


Went down to the Sundown Festival
to help out in doing the survey as one of the crews today . It was so tiring ! Had to walk around wearing the Sundown Festival crew shirt looking especially for foreigners to get the surveys done . I was surprised to meet so many foreigners who flew down to Singapore from Japan , Korea , Taiwan , China , Australia & many other countries just for the Sundown Festival !

I didn't even know what's 
'Sundown Festival' ): ! Shame on me since I'm a Singaporean . But in case if you're wondering what's it all about , you can refer to this website HERE .

 Five artistes from different countries also came down to perform in the Sundown Festival 2012 !

They have Anthony Neely from Taiwan :

Anthony Neely was the one who sang the theme song for Game Plan !

From China they have Liu Li Yang :

From South Korea they have BTOB ! :

From Hong Kong , Raymond Lam :

And lastly from Japan they have Alice Nine ! :

Went straight back home once I'm done with work there .
Really tired and famished . Here are some photos taken today ^^

Hair was really in a mess !
And without my usual make up hence looking like shit , pardon me HAHA . 

My eye makeup today . Didn't even bother to put foundation on the rest of my face and draw my brows LOL
Headed to The Shoppes At Marina Square ! ^^
Freaking spacious there with lots of branded stores . And had sushi there too ♥.

Christmas decorations are already up !
Can't wait for Christmas really !
But I haven't had any plans for this year's Christmas at all ! In fact I don't have plans for Christmas every year ): .... I almost don't receive Christmas presents at all every fucking year lor ... I really yearn for those warm gatherings with just a few close friends and family to just chill out , have snacks / dinner together & just spend time together ! Or maybe exchange little pressizzes ♥.♥ !!!!!!!!!!! I'll never have that -__________- 

Passed by a lot of stores
which sells a lot of macaroons , sweet stuffs , cup cakes , desserts & places to have high tea !!!! LOVE IT . MUST GO THERE O N E D A Y . Not sure if that 'one day' would ever happen ): 

Yeap that's all for today .
Need to wake up SUPER early tomorrow & head down to Jcube ): !

 Byebye :*