Monday, 17 December 2012

Sentosa Trip ❤ !

Everyone was smiling so brightly that day . 
It's been a long time since I was out with friends just to the beach to relax & have fun . I definitely did . It was just this occasional day where boyfriend , 2 of his friends & I had a coffee meet up after their lion dance training . And suddenly , Kaiming( my boyfriend) said "Arbo let's go Sentosa this Thursday la ?" 

From there , 
everybody went "steady steady" and ended up really planning for a Sentosa trip ! It was simple and the kind of happiness everybody had , so priceless that money can't buy

That early morning , I brought along my Canon DSLR , 
snapped pictures along the way ! Not me actually , but my boyfriend Kaiming did . But I did the beautiful scenery shots okay !!!! All of us met up at 10AM at Vivo City's Sentosa ticketing counter , 
I reached early so apparently I had dim sum at Food republic while waiting ! Turns out , Kaiming actually bought me breakfast as well ......  I am a idiot . LOL 

They bought the tickets to Sentosa , 
while Kwokhow and I used our Ez-link cards instead ! We alighted at the beach station and walked towards Siloso beach (our destinaion) ! Photos will now do the talking :
ChongYang !

Bestie EngChuan !

When I reached , I immediately took shots of the beach .

Boyfriend and I What are shades for ? To cover up my ugly eyes when I'm bare faced !

Chongyang was covering his body half the time . LOL

Left to right : Leon , Kaiming , Kwokhow , EngChuan , ChongYang !

I don't know why but I was constantly bitten by something on my legs , but I've got no idea what it was .

I'm lucky to have a boyfriend who isn't camera shy , 
at least will initiate to take photos with me *yaaaaaaaaaayyyyy* !


Boyfriend and Bestie are jokers seriously . They can never pose for a proper photo . Poor Chongyang forced to pose with them . HAHA

And then , Kwokhow came in and start photo bombing all of them !

Bestie , boyfriend and I !

❤.❤ !!!

Kaiming took this photo of me omg hahahha
But seriously it's like I looked like shit
throughout the whole trip ! I was looking so ugly with small pathetic boobs and messed up hair ! BUT HAIR APPOINTMENT VERY SOON :D 

Leon with the volleyball !
We had a few
hours of fun from morning till the afternoon , had to leave as they still had lion dance training after that , not forgetting performance the next day wtf . P/S: ALL OF THEM TOOK A MUCH LONGER TIME TO BATHE AND STYLE IN THE WASHROOM THAN ME . Probably because I didn't bother much about how I look anymore ): ): 

When we're done , it was raining heavily , we 
ran to the nearest "bus stop" in Sentosa and it brought us back to the beach station , had Macdonalds (FREEZING COLD INSIDE) and headed beack to Vivo ! 

After wash up

ChongYang looks like he's gonna slap my boyfriend in this photo cuz my boyfriend keeps trying to snap a photo of him HAHA

Had so much fun ! 
Before we went off to take the tram at beach station back to Vivo , they actually stopped at this little stall where you can take photos with really huge snakes which are trained ! What boyfriend & co did was , they started playing with the props , disturbing the snakes and wtf . Hahahaha

Gonna take a fucking pathetic one hour nap and head out for a meeting . Fml