Thursday, 17 January 2013

Don't have to feel inferior anymore !


We girls wants to take care of our tender skin ,
 and of course , our skin only deserves the best care ! But ever wondered which products suits our skin best ? Are we unknowingly harming our skin by using the wrong products ? Fret not , because today , I'm gonna introduce you guys an amazing product made in Japan !!

 It is none other than : 

Everyone knows the brand Biore , it's a really popular brand in Japan and now even Singapore !
Not only has Biore been titled the BEST for their makeup removers , now Biore has also introduced us more of their facial products ! It's a product that all of us girls needs , we need something soothing and be able to clean our tender skin well without leaving any residue on it .


Introducing you the
*NEW* Biore Facial Foam Cleansing Series !

Thew new facial foam cleasing
series by Biore are already out in the market ! I was one of the first few to use it and yes , I am in loveeeeeeeeeeeeee with it ♥ ! It is the 1st cleanser that supports & boost skin's natural ability to self renew , works to rebalance skin , high cleansing ability vs competitors & low irritation as cleansing chemical DOES NOT penetrate our skin !!!! WOW !

It's not easy
to achieve radiant & refined skin . But with the new SCRUB from Biore , you can !

Biore's new SCRUB are suitable for ALL skin types .
The oil , impurities and dead skin cells on our skin can clog pores & make your skin looks rough , dull and lifeless if we didn't use the right product ! 
Formulated with skin purifying technology , Biore Facial Foam Scrub cares for the specific needs of the different facial areas : 

T zone - Removes dead skin and dirt from pores (Our forehead & nose)
   U zone - Retains moisure and opitmises hydration (Our cheek & chin)

Personally , I love using scrubs .
 But I never found the right one for my skin as it's always either too harsh for my skin or it never really gave me the optimal results that I've always wanted . Therefore , I gave Biore's facial scrub a try ! 

Squeeze out a suitable amount of scrub for your face !

To my surprise , 
it's ultra fine beads removed my impurities and unclogged my pores ! My skin was thoroughly cleansed , smooth & refined after every use & radiates a healthy glow :D ! It's so comfy & surprisingly suitable for me since my skin is really sensitive . The beads in the scrub didn't even hurt my skin a bit ! I didn't feel any sort of pain that I get from using other facial scrub , thumbs up for Biore ! 

 For me , I often experience
having dry & dehydrated skin (I AM NOT KIDDING , GROSS I KNOW) . So when I knew Biore is gonna let me choose products of my choice , I immediately picked the EXTRA MOIST which is in one of the series too !!!  Yes , you guessed it right , I tried it ! 

Dry and dehydrated skin 
needs a creamy and gentle cleanser that softly cleanses without irritating our skin ! Biore Facial Foam Exra Moist removes oil & dirt without drying our skin , at the same time ALSO replenishes moisture in dry , flaky areas ^^ !!!! 

The smooth moisturizing cream texture spreads easily on to our skin :D !

After using Biore EXTRA MOIST ,
my skin felt smoother , supple & comfortable with REALLY no tightness at all ! Not to forget , my skin was thoroughly cleansed which is important ! I can now put on makeup without feeling afraid that my skin is dirty and sleep in peace with my skin squeaky clean :D ! 

 Oh and did I mention that it's freaking affordable &
 widely available supermarkets , pharmacies & convenient stores all around Singapore ? Now you know , get yours now :D !