Wednesday, 23 January 2013


Approximately about 1-2 weeks ago , 
I went off to Cineleisure to meet up with Wilson , Joanna , Xavier , Beverly , Edwin to discuss some 'business' related issues . However , it ended up pretty well when we were done discussing ! I didn't had much time to blog about this *FINALLY* !! (Getting overly excited over a small night out just because I hardly leave my house nowadays) 

When all of us reached , 
it was already about 7/8 plus PM , we had Hong Kong Cafe for dinner , lot's of laughter and bonding , headed off to Starbucks to chill and chit chat . I've never been so close to them before , and what's more a total different group of friends . None of us were EVER close to each other , but due to 'work' that we're discussing , we have to meet up and TALK to each other . But I never knew all of us ended up having a GENUINE friend-making feeling for one another . It's been long since I felt that way and definitely memorable (': 

Something VERY random : All of us forked out money to buy some stupid keychain because people approached us hoping that we would buy for them to help their children and add on to their household income , just because we're too paiseh to reject them , we bought it FOL . (AND WTF I JUST REALIZED I'M THE ONE WHO'S SUPPOSED TO KEEP THE KEYCHAIN WHERE IS IT NOW ?!) 

*************FAST FORWARD*************

Joanna , Wilson , Xavier and I went to a place
for some gorgeous scenery looking at night then headed back off to Cineleisure
to watch a midnight show , Gangster Squad around 2.30AM . AND . I . SWEAR . Gangster Squad is a fucking good movie ! My sister agrees with me , the trailer & name didn't sound attractive BUT I swear if you've watched it , you would love it

After the movie , it's where the ridiculous part starts ...........

THIS . Crazy amount of photos taken , but only a few is displayed here ! 

My curls went super loose all of the sudden that day , pardon my ugly hair !

Left to Right : Xavier , Wilson , Me & Joanna !

We were all mad tired but still .........

They look like some celebrity band & I'm one of their fans trying to take photo with them LOL

Meow ~


The wink .

Wilson starts planking !

REASON WHY THEY'RE LAUGHING LIKE MAD HERE ESPECIALLY EPIC XAVIER IT'S BECAUSE : I was posing for the photo & suddenly I let out a scream and fell so they started laughing wtf .

Finally felt taller ! P/S: I don't even know if I reached 150CM yet .

After spending quite nearly half an hour or so (Not sure if it was 1 hr)
taking crazy photos , we went off to a Macdonald's in town area , forgotten which outlet already . But apparently we were there till fucking 6AM and Wilson & Joanna fell asleep leaving me and poor Xavier alone t_t

Left to right : Xavier , me , Wilson & sleepy Joanna
Okay , just a random post that's all !!!
You may wanna scroll down and read some posts as there's new advertorial , post on my hair and so on ! New advertorial for a facial care brand coming up , do look out for my Twitter/Facebook/Instagram if you're interested ! :D 

And you wouldn't believe it , 
I'm heading for another hair appointment on 1st February AGAIN . THREE appointments for the past weeks , no wonder my hair is screwed !