Sunday, 27 January 2013

It takes care of everything !


Everyone loves products from Bio Essence ! 
I have seen many other bloggers mention in their blog posts / videos praising products from Bio Essence ! Of course , Bio Essence Spring Water is no exception ! 

Bio Essence 
is known for having people to use their products and put it to test , and YES it is proven that their products do work !!! Well , magically or not , up to you to judge ! The Bio Essence Bio Spring Water is actually meant for your HAIR , FACE & BODY

WOAHHH , so many in one ?! YES, WORLD INNOVATION . 


I swear that I used NOTHING ELSE besides 
Bio Essence Spring Water . I sprayed it on my hair before and after I curled them :D 
To be honest , it probably didn't give obvious results , but it's ideal for people like me who's lazy to purchase so many hair care products ! And with this , it's so many in one ! 


Suitable for before & after makeup !

P/S: Patting of face is not required when it is sprayed OVER makeup .

Once again , I wanna let you guys know that
I USED ONLY Bio Essence Spring Water before and after I applied my makeup ! SWEAR , no other skincare besides Bio Essence ! 

You would not believe the amount of 
goodness it does to your face ! Now .... behold ! 

Benefits to your face : 
- Relieves tiredness , energizing

- Reduces dark circles & eyebags

- Controls oil effectively

- Whitens & brightens skin

- Refines pores

- Relieves pimples

- Lifts skin

- Relieves sensitive skin

- Use after make-up for a natural look

- Soothes skin after treatments

- Moisturizes & nourishes skin

- Firms skin with better elasticity

- Whitens & brightens skin
- Reduce acne and redness

Can you believe it ? 
Before this , I did a test to my own face . I took a picture before using their product and waited for 15 minutes ONLY . I was skeptical(truth) and I took another picture from the same angle to make a comparison ! I'm not even kidding , indeed there's a difference to my skin , mainly on my eye circles ! Many people did this test for Bio Essence too ! I wanted to put mine here but ... I thought it was too ugly . OR MAYBE I WOULD UPDATE THIS POST WITH IT LATER LOL . 

Note : It is ideal for ALL skin types (But targets people with sensitive skin like me !) 

For Body :

It absorbs into my skin really well !

Now you may wonder , 
what benefits  does it gives to our body ? Our skin is tender and sometimes very sensitive ! Basically it refreshes and soothes skin after exercise & after shaving , soothes and calms our damaged skin (after sunburn) ! Not to forget , it moisturizes and refresh out skin under the hot sun in Singapore ! 

You think that's all ? NO !!! 
It's actually even suitable for BABIES ! Yes , babies ! 
But why babies ? How does it help ? 

Babies skin are even more sensitive than to ours , 
one of the most common skin problems that babies have is DIAPER RASHES . The amount of ingredients that soothes our skin in Bio Essence Spring water helps to soothes the baby's diaper rashes ! It is non irritable without ANY form of stickiness don't worry !


Bio Essence Spring Water is low in mineral content , 
RICH in trace minerals , low in sodium chloride and has a pH value of 6.45 closest to skin's natural pH value ! Also because it is low in sodium chloride , it absorbs the LEAST skin moisture therefore ensuring the best moisturizing effects :D

In case you're wondering why it is
low in mineral , it is because when it is low in mineral content , it creates lesser energy and heat ! Therefore ensuring to give the cooling and soothing effect for sensitive and irritable skin !  Bio-Essence is so meticulous when they're creating this product , don't you think ?

Moreover this product is ....
Odorless is good ! WHY ?
Because scent is a very sensitive issue . Not everyone would like the smell of the product and nobody would even know you're using it ! And I love it because I don't feel like there's anything applied on to my skin while using it ! Just like a secret weapon ..... LOL (Lame I know)

Last but not least ,
I would like to let you guys know how fine the droplets are ! 

It was sprayed on my palm .
It dispenses the Spring Water out such that it spreads out to a very wide area & each droplet is very fine . Whereas normal pump bottles just release the liquid inside the bottle in a very concentrated way and dispenses a lot out at once . It's unique dispense bottle allows us to use the spring water for a long time ! VERY WORTH IT .

But that's not only the worthy part !
The respective prices of the Bio Essence Spring Water in 25ml , 100ml and 300ml are $2 , $12.90 & $28.90 respectively ! (last checked) The prices are at such a affordable rate , it's really worth the try ! (I heard the small 25ml bottles pumps out differently from the 100/300ml ones)


Super convenient for you to bring it around !

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Bio Essence