Thursday, 31 January 2013

Just that bit of personal stuffs .

Whenever I get the chance to
blog about my own boring shit , I get happy . I mean I get super elated & I'm serious !
It's like blogging about your own personal stuffs , full of freedom and still have people reading it (whether they hate you or not doesn't matter)  . I 'feel' busy these days . Actual fact not so busy , but just 'feel' busy . Don't you guys get that ? I do though .
I've a few advertorials up ahead .
Well , a small blogger like me , you don't expect much right ? But the constant support I get from my readers via emails/formspring/fb messages since the past , it makes me feel good still whether or not  I'm significant . It makes me feel like whatever I'm doing is still relavant . There's still people who wants to read & know more . (Maybe not about myself but the sponsored products , but I still really prefer blogging about my simple daily life . How do you feel about that ?)
Of course , I still enjoy
doing advertorials for companies/blogshops etc ! Because whenever I receive the products , and if it's good , I just have this excitement in me where I wanna share with YOU guys . And at least in my reviews/advertorials , I don't lie . But it's always up to you to judge :D
I don't know if any of you
ever felt the way I do . At times , I just feel so lonely . Like nobody dares/wants to approach and be my friend , be someone who would hang out with me for shopping , high tea and take beautiful photographs . Most of the time , I just feel this way . And I would start asking myself if I'm really that ... unapproachable or ? LOL ok la but I still feel happy with my life and what I have now .
Right now ,
I'm at a point in life where it's stuck .
Feel like I'm at a cross junction and not know where to cross and where to go .
Reason : I just graduated from MDIS . For those who don't know , I study at the main campus which is at Queenstown ( super near my house wtf ) . And I'm not sure if I should continue studying , work OR work towards my goals and interests (you wouldn't wanna know or you would laugh at me and it's super risky but I guess I would say it anyway .............................. I WANNA BE AN ACTRESS .

Ok you just didn't see that .

My dad have been starting a
discussion with me over this COUNTLESS TIMES . I felt really blessed . He kept asking me to go for what I want and most importantly , what I myself is interested in . He doesn't want me to regret . He said , if necessary , choose both interest and studies . He would support me all the way mentally and monetary wise . I truly want to work towards my goal , but I'm at absolute lost . Then just two days back , he asked me to take a break from everything since I just graduated .... Why do I have such a great dad supporting me in everything ? He just want the BEST for me . Nobody wants to give me advice etc because they're afraid they would influence my decision which is defintely a BIG thing for me . Tell me what you think ?

Alright enough of my crap .
Yesterday was great though ! Was invited to Kovan's Domino's Pizza for food tasting ! = FREE FOOD x GOOD FOOD . Had such a good time there listening to their marketing manager and enjoying the food ^^ My post for them would be up soon , most likely on 3rd February or sooner !

(You can foresee I'm gonna talk a lot about yesterday)
Before preparing yesterday (Pic from my Instagram)
Yesterday's Hairdo ~

Yesterday's OOTD

 I would leave my review & pictures
of Domino's Pizza in the next post ! Lot's to tell you guys , you wouldn't regret reading it :D

So after food tasting ,
it was already 9+PM so I headed off to my boyfriend's lion dance troupe to find him since he's still having training ~ And yeap we went home together after that . #Random : I call him 开心果(pronounced as 'kai xin guo' with a lousy direct translation 'happy fruit') ♥

He makes me happy (':

 Then when we reached home ,
we started taking stupid photos LOL . I wore his troupe's shirt so it looks super huge on me (pics below) :

God knows what we are laughing at LOL

Boyfriend & my dog ♥ And yes that's my kindergarden photo behind . Is it spelt as kindergarden or kindergarten LOL

Just as I thought my photos looked fine , he photobombed me behind .........


How does my boy looks  with my glasses ? LOL

Alright ~
That's all for yesterday . Feeling super hungry now . Just recalled I still have hair appointment tomorrow with my stylist @ Marina Square 5.30PM . Bye ♥ !!!

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