Sunday, 3 February 2013

Domino's Pizza !

Food Tasting
I feel so luckyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ! 
I had one of my BEST experiences with Domino's Pizza . Hereby I would like to emphasize that whatever opinions I stated here is nothing but the truth . It may sound exaggerating , but honestly I FELL IN LOVE WITH THEIR PIZZAS . 

I was invited over for food tasting along
with other bloggers & we had a great time over at Domino's Pizza ! To my surprise , I learned so much about Domino's Pizza and some facts really leave me in shock ! Do you know that out of all pizzas shops , Domino's Pizza are the ONLY ones with chefs ? It's true ! 

With Linda Hassan , Marketing Manager of Domino's Pizza Singapore & Malaysia !
She was there with us that day giving an introduction
about Domino's Pizza and even performed a live demo on ordering from Domino's Pizza via their iPhone app , super cool !

Over here with my own phone , 
I downloaded the Domino's Pizza iPhone app too . Here's something you definitely need to know , 
you will NEVER go wrong ordering from Domino's Pizza via iPhone app AND I guarantee it's definitely mouth watering good . Plain delicious . Whatever price you see on the website/iPhone app , that's the amount you will be paying and NOTHING else more . NO delivery fees or surcharges . DOMINO'S PIZZA GIVES ABSOLUTE FREE DELIVERY ! 

Not to mention , whenever
you order from Domino's Pizza using their iPhone app , 
you get something FREE (Food/snacks) . So instead of heading down to Domino's Pizza , why don't order via their iPhone app ?  Free , extra food , convenient and practical . You got nothing to lose ! You can order it , ANYTIME , ANYWHERE . With the iPhone app , you can store multiple numbers and addresses , you can even order for your friends OR order up to 7 days in advance ! 

Take for example if you want to
have Domino's Pizza for dinner during one of those CNY days & you really wanna avoid congestion or having to wait etc , you can always order a few days in advance and it would arrive to your door step on time ! Also , if someone else ordered for you , you can actually check your order via the app/website just by entering your phone number and Domino's pizza will show you what's happening to your order via their amazing GPS TRACKER :D 

 Here's an example of the GPS tracker on the web (definitely available on iPhone as well) , 
they show you exactly what's happening to your orders , I really find this cute and super satisfying for customers like me who always spend my time worrying what's happening to my order and if it's ever gonna arrive ! Can you see there's time ticking at the bottom right hand side of the web ? That's actually to show how long you've been waiting for your order , and I've been told their delivery time to your door step is estimated 30 mins only !!!!

WHY 30 minutes ? 
If you know , the nearest outlet to your house would handle your order , and whatever YOU order , they cannot spend more than 15 minutes in the kitchen preparing , guaranteed ! But of course at times , there might be late orders when there are more customers at certain timings .

Even in Domino's Pizza outlets , 
you can see your orders being processed via a TV screen ! Just like the GPS tracker , 
it shows if your pizzas is in the oven , being made , packing , on the way etc ! Awesome :D

And truly after Linda did the
live ordering via the iPhone app , the order arrived ! Hahaha LOL

Made FRESH , Arrives FRESH .
They make all their food
with one huge oven and still tastes super delicious . No joke , I tried their pizzas , finger bites , desserts even ! :D 

However , 
what attracts me the most is their DOUBLE VALUE DEAL .............. 
So what's their Double Value Deal ? TWO REGULAR PIZZAS AT ONLY $22 (DON'T FORGET IT'S FREE DELIVERY) !!!!!!!!!!! You save a total of $27.60 !!!! What's more , you can 50% MORE topping for your pizzas . This is seriously one of the best pizza deals ever . I truly find this deal very attractive . Personally , I can still find pizzas which are cheaper than this . BUT , when I tried their pizzas that day , it's really SUPERB . I cannot believe that it really tastes so good . 

Firstly , 
because I've never heard much about Domino's Pizza neither have I tried their pizzas . So I thought Domino's Pizza would only be a "so-so" , how can it be better than any other pizza stores ? But I'm absolutely WRONG . I cannot express how good it tastes ! 

Singapore is actually the number 67th
country where Domino's has established its presence . Their famous GPS tracker became the first pizza company allowing their consumers to keep track on their order statuses . Since 1960 , it is recognized world leader in pizza delivery . They have over 10 000 owned and franchised stores throughout the U.S and more than 70 international markets ! Domino's was named 2010 , "Chain of the Year" by Pizza Today magazine & this marks the second consecutive win by the company :D 

 Domino's has
a variety of pizzas for you to choose from such as the big BBQ , Hawaiian , Classy Chic , Chilli Chicken , Veggie , Pepperoni , Simply Cheese  Margherita , Chicken Sambal and I swear , MANY MORE ! There's still MANY deals going on :D 

THIS IS PERFECT . Their sauce for the chicken bites is legendary ! I don't understand why it's sour and the combination of both the sauce and chicken bites makes it so perfect and delicious . It's a MUST TRY ! Did I say it's cheaper if you purchase it with a pizza ? :D

One slice of pizza , good enough to cover my face x_x

I SWEAR THIS IS MY FAVORITE . I SUPER LOVE THIS , it's simply cheese with THIN crust . It's even available in the double value deal ! WHICH MEANS , 50% extra cheesy :D
 (I was trying to refrain myself from eating too much of that because I didn't wanna be seen as a glutton LOL so I guess delivery to home is still the best )

With one of  the bloggers there ^^
 Not long later , 
I was served dessert .......... It's fucking amazing . 
Even other bloggers were exclaiming how good it is :D ! 

Spoon provided inside !

 I personally prefer the Caramel one :D !

Checkout their iPhone app and their website @ http://www.dominos.com.sg ! 6222-6333
( A lot more deals to discover :D ) 

I honestly feel so hungry after blogging about this , 
really wanna order Dominos now ............ gonna use my iPhone app to order and hopefully get a free snack that I like