Sunday, 17 February 2013

It's hair time ♥ !

Sponsored Review

Yeap , as the title suggests , 
today's sponsored review are products related to your hair ! Do you ever feel dandruff and itchiness on our scalp gets irritating and you just wanna solve it ? Well , the product I'm reviewing on today would solve this problem ! It is none other than the product from Selsun ....

Selsun Blue !
Sometimes we all get dandruff whether or not our scalp is 'clean' . Sometimes our scalp are just way too dry ! But there's a little twist in today's blog post is that instead of having me to try the product , it would be my boyfriend , Kaiming :D (As a blogger , I make sure that the reviews are nothing but the truth)

Selsun itself it's specialized in improving
people's hair condition with dandruff , itchy scalp and more . Just look at their series !

See ?
Selsun Blue is formulated with a ingredient called
'Selenium Sulfide' .  It attacks the root source of the dandruff & laboratory tests have also shown that it is one of the effective ingredient to control dandruff and most importantly to me & people with dandruff problems , CONTROL RECURRENCE ! Nobody wants to have dandruff everyday right ? Selsun fights it (:

Kaiming would be using it
and of course , following the directions stated on the product :
Shake well before use . Selenium Sulfide may damage jewellery therefore , jewellery should be removed before use.
1. Massage the shampoo into wet scalp .
2. Allow to remain on the scalp for two to three minutes .
3. Rinse scalp thoroughly.
 4 . Repeat application and rinse thoroughly .
5 . After treatment , wash hands well .
For best result , use at least twice a week for effective dandruff control .

In a brown/orange shade of color !
Color isn't edited , taken with Canon EOS 600D .

During that 2-3 minutes , do anything you want la , shave your armpit hair or anything , just make sure it doesn't get in contact with your eyes !


Results :

Doesn't look that rough right ?

After Kaiming used Selsun Blue ,
I interviewed him like a boss ! LOL kidding here's his answers to my questions :D

Q.1 How does it feel like using the product ? 
Review by KM :  "One word , '爽' (comfortable & enjoyable)  . 
Because it has a cooling effect on my scalp when used , feels smooth with a very thin texture . However it might feel a bit tingly when applied on to scalp throughout the process of using it . And if I have to rate the smell of this product on a scale of 5 , it would be 3.5 ! To add on , I find the color really unique ."

Q.2 Would you recommend to your friends if they have dandruff ? 
"Yes , definitely ! Because it seems to be rather useful even though I don't have any dandruff . Coincidentally ,  my dad has been and still am using the product of Selsun but it is meant for our body and it is proved to be effective (according to my dad) . It is quite pricey though , I heard ."

Q.3 Anything you feel could be improved ?
"Make the product smoother . The packaging of it could be made more attractive . The product in a whole is acceptable ."

Enjoy using Selsun Blue if you're considering
purchasing this product to fix your scalp problems  :D !

Cautions to take note before using of product :
1. for external use only . Do not use on broken skin/inflamed areas 
2. Avoid contact with eyes . If contact occurs , rinse thoroughly with water . 
3. Keep out of reach of children 
4. Application to skin or scalp may produce irritation sensitization . If sensitivity reactions occur , use should be discontinued . 
5. Selenium Sulfide may be irritating to mucuos membranes of the eyes and contact with this area should be avoided .
Ending off this blog post with a ridiculous picture taken of my boy when he was trying 
Selsun Blue . Have a good laugh & wishing all of you to have a great day ahead , be kind and share this product with friends with scalp problems ! LOL kidding , thanks for reading , see ya ♥ !