Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Dream hair ♥ !

Once again , 
my stylist Jeft(Key Stylist) from Marina Square's Chapter 2 outlet gave me my dream hair again ! 
He always manage to give me the best , and if I didn't like it , he would do it again , till I'm satisfied ! For those of you who followed me on Instagram/Twitter or Subscribed to me on Facebook would've known I've gone down Chapter 2 TWICE to do my hair ! Reason being , I didn't quite like the first one , but the second time I went down , Jeft did an amazing job to my hair ! ♥ 

On 30th December
I went down Chapter 2 for an appointment at 11.30AM ! YES IN THE MORNING . 
I was only done till 6.45PM-7PM ! Super long , Jeft really put in a lot of effort for my hair . In case you don't know how my previous hair looks like you can click HERE to view my previous hair appointment with Chapter 2 . 

So let pictures do the talking ! 

Hair was definitely in a mess !

Started bleaching , round 1 !

That's my stylist Jeft at the back ,
he bought me food & drinks cause he knows I'd be starving like mad , so nice ! ^^

After bleaching for THREE times .
 After bleaching my hair
for three times & lot's of root touching ups , Jeft took a portion of my hair & dyed it somewhat similar to the previous pink I had ! Then the cutting and all comes in ^^ Somebody gave me a super good head massage that day , I forgotten who though LOL felt like a princess x: 

And then after about 7 hours sitting 
in Chapter 2 ................ here's the end product ! : 


Why ? Because everybody would just say that I'm a ahlian ! DON'T SAY IT'S NOT TRUE . Admit it , in Singapore , people are that judgmental ok ? 

So on the 8th January , I had another appointment with Jeft again ! 
On that day , Chapter 2 is closed around 9.30-10PM . But Jeft was doing my hair till about 11PM ! (I felt a little guilty though) 

Started to bleach my hair again !

After bleaching for about 1-2 times , he applied a tint of pink dye over my hair !
 Jeft had quite a hard time mixing
my pink hair dye . Why ? Because I kept saying "lighter . Lighter . LIGHTER A BIT LEH" LOL

Jeft was so nice , he even help curled my hair !
And here the end product , super love it leh ! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Please say you guys think it's nice too ! ♥ ^^

By 11PM , we were both
hungry , so Jeft & I headed off to Hong Kong Cafe for a bite :D

Ending this blog post with some Instagram
photos I took for the past few days with my new hair ^^ ! 

These are the curls I did myself at home !
Do you prefer the curls I did myself or the curls Jeft did ? I'm curious , tell me what you think on my Formspring ^^ !

Off to town the other day ~

Alright I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post , 
more advertorials coming up ! Feeling super hungry now , gotta go cook maggie mee x___x

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See you guys in my blog post again soon ! ^^