Thursday, 7 March 2013

But Becky 寶兒貝姬


Yes I'm calling out to you beauty ladies !
Not only ladies , even guys ! My all time favorite beauty company www.secretive.sg had get me to share with you guys and indulge in the latest masks from Taiwan - But Becky masks :D

"But Becky" also known as 寶兒貝姬 with it's unique name
are now in Singapore ! but , Becky masks serves all our needs as they've a variety of masks for us to choose from ! Yay ! I love variety :D

Handsome Aaron Yan as their Endorser uses it too :D ! Guys , what you waiting for ?
It is made for asian skin ,  not only does it helps relief your skin concerns , 
this perk also give your skin a lift with its double woven mask sheet designed with ear hooks ! It is just like giving your skin a princess treat ♥ 

To be honest , I really love masks 
which are 3D or masks with ear hooks . It always have a lifting effect ensuring your skin to be firmer , tighter and bouncier ! Not forgetting , the mask is secured onto your face wherever you go . If you've read my previous posts , you would know I hated masks where it just keeps falling off ! Ear hook masks made everything way better , it's like making sure your skin absorbs the essence of it ! 

And over here , I've tried using the original
Moist-Lock Firming HA(Hyaluronic Acid) mask . Yes ! Mochi-mochi skin ! 

The moist-lock firming HA mask has
 high penetrating Hyaluronic Acid helps keeping our skin firm and toned . Ceramide and Squalene makes it easier for the essence to penetrate into our skin for absorption ! Also , enriched with Vitamin B5 in the mask , it is able to make sure our skin stays hydrated for a long period of time therefore , keeping our skin young and soft . 

Don't just think that you're young and
your skin wouldn't age just as fast as older people ! You would be shocked by how damaged most of our skin are from daily makeup or the fact that we didn't take good care of our skin with the right products and treats . Daily routine of skincare isn't enough , you gotta give treat your skin with perks like this once in awhile :D ! 

When I used their mask , 
I was shocked by how innovative it is !
Woven with elastic fibre and wood pulp , with outstanding elasticity and stretch-ability that covers every inch of our skin , locking in moisture and making sure every part of our skin gets treated :D ! The perfect fit increases the efficacy of lifting and firming creating sharper v-line face and chin , YES V LINE , THAT'S WHAT I WANT . 

If you've ever seen them in 
local Watsons stores or already decided that you would like to pamper your skin like I do , grab them now before it's sold out in Singapore ! You can order them from www.secretive.sg !

  And do not worry ,
this product does not contain heavy metal and flourescent whitening agent . Mild on skin , safe to use :D 
Retail Price : $14.90 per packet (8sheets in a packet)