Monday, 4 March 2013

Took a walk .

Quite some time ago , 
some of my followers asked me to join Cineleisure's next online sensation . 
I wanted to though , and I prepared to do some filming etc ... but I guess I didn't manage to wrap everything up by the deadline ! But well , I took a walk around town with Alandrea some time ago ^^

I always cheat . 
Every time when it comes to blogging personal shit , I prefer to let photos do the talking and guide instead . Unless I'm full of crap and dying to type something out . Otherwise , yeap I always just flash the photos and think it's cool . LOL 

Accessories on that day (:

When we shopped Editors Market !

Girls nature , take picture in the toilet . LOL

Midway through I decided to have my hair tied up into a ponytail ! And that's my OOTD on that day .
We went to dine at Old Town White Coffee . I ordered the Red Bean's , super love it .
 After dining , 
Alandrea and I decided to head to the SCAPE Underground's shops ! Everything over there is counted to be really affordable and hahaha you wouldn't have expected (neither did I) that Alandrea surprised me with Hello Kitty helium balloons when I was overly engrossed with the items sold at Scape's Underground ! That , sort of made my day . I'm a complete sucker for surprises , who doesn't , right ?

Yeap , SCAPE's shopping bags , I did bought some stuffs there ! Quite satisfied with my buys that day (I lied , I'M SUPER IN LOVE WITH WHAT I BOUGHT LOL)

Chit chatting at Toast Box at night ~

We both love this photo

This photo looks ridiculous , it totally shows I desperately wants skinnier nose T________T

After hanging around town doing a little 
shopping about past 11PM , Alandrea headed home while I headed off to my man's lion dance troupe to wait for him to get back . That night , he had lion dance at some other place and while waiting for him to reach his troupe , besides having a urgent bladder , I felt blessed to have someone like him . 

Today 04.03.2013 , 
our relationship is officially 4 months on and still counting . I know it isn't a long time , but honestly , time didn't mattered a bit . It was finding out that I've truly FELT I found someone that loves everything about me and most importantly , I feel the same way too ..