Monday, 4 March 2013


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Hello guys ! 
Today I would be sharing with you guys a popular contact lens website , famous for their big eye circle/contact lenses based in Malaysia which ships world wide ! Lucky us :D

Who else can it be ?

Getting straight to the point ,
I love the way UNIQSO serves me . They sponsored me a pair of  GEO Xtra Big Eyes Lenses - WTA51 Violet ! Please let me praise them , I have to say , once I decided on which lens I wanted , I received the package from UNIQSO really fast !

 See ? It came in a fitting box ,
which is designed by UNIQSO themselves as well with their website on it ! To prevent lens bottles cracking , UNIQSO wraps them in bubble wrap (shown above) :D !

Aren't UNIQSO very meticulous ?
They actually scotch taped a cotton bud to the contact lens for all buyers ! AND they also provide with guide on how to wear contact lens if you purchase from them , if you're a first timer , it would be useful ! Besides UNIQSO has a variety of lenses for all of us ! You want Dolly eyes ? Check . Demure ? Check . Special anime eyes ? Check . All sorts of lenses available for you !

Another thing I like about UNIQSO is that
they really treat their customer with a lot of care O__O ..... not only do they send emails to us with contact lens guide , they also make sure that you received your package ! Not to mention , they have really really friendly admins , just email them your queries and they would attend to you !  Anyway , is what you've been waiting for , the results of me trying out their lens :D

Ok now the left side is more chio then the right LOL

UNIQSO lens is definitely worth the try !
I have been wearing it for quite some time now , and no problems at all ! Their website is easy to navigate , simple instructions and their currency is in US dollar ! However , you can always change your currency to whichever country you're from , from the top right hand corner of UNIQSO's website (:


Take a look at their website now !
Maybe you would find some amazing pieces that you've never seen before , or maybe one that captures your heart (;


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