Monday, 11 March 2013

The mini shopping with Love !

The title of my blog post
always summarize everything up ! Needless to say , I had mini shopping with the sweetest the few days back ! To be exact , my boyfriend did the shopping with me :D ♥ ! I love how patient he is whenever he's out with me and how he doesn't leave me alone . I hate it when guys just ditch their girlfriends while doing shopping because they're lazy , totally not interested or embarrassed . Even while shopping for bras , yes my boyfriend didn't leave . He told me which ones he liked though LOL . Good enough ! 

It all started off where
my man just keep saying he needs to get a new pair of slippers , which he thought Havaianas would be a good idea since his Birkenstock went missing on one of the days where he went for Lion Dance ! So Day 1 , we went out with his friends to Cineleisure Orchard and I was completely looking crappy , a layer of foundation , tank , shorts & a pair of slippers with my bangs pinned up -______- 

Who starts off a good
day with a bad outfit , right ? My boyfriend ended up disappointed that day because ........ he didn't get to buy his slippers since they were busy playing pool and dining at different timings . With a huge downpour that day , we couldn't make our way to the nearest Havaianas outlet ):

So we made plans that night
for tomorrow , Day 2 . Plan was , he would come over my place at evening to fetch me and head off to ION Orchard to get his slippers and maybe I can do some shopping too ! But it ended up I was so so lazy to even prepare , by the time he came , I was still in my pajamas ! Feeling guilty , I decided to quickly get ready and head out with him

He just allowed me to post this photo on my Instagram without noticing that his face was like .... this T^T
 He pampers me so much that even
when we're out , no matter how I insist that I would hold my own handbag or shopping bags , he would still hold them for me and give stupid excuses like "Eh your handbag very nice , show me ; Give me la I want put my handphone only ; Show me what's inside your bag ? ; I wanna hold this shopping bag la , look very ATAS !" Yeap . No wonder I'm such a brat , don't judge ! 

After which the happy boy gets
his slippers , I dragged him into Forever 21 since that was the only women apparel store which was opened at a rather late timing ! And there he goes nagging things like "Hoi , you can only buy 3 apparels today ah ; Dear , buy only when you save more money , then we can go shopping together , now don't buy too much ok ? ; The clothes here all ugly , don't buy" 

And if I ever did head out
having makeup on etc , I would ALWAYS want to take photos , any time anywhere . Otherwise , where got photos to Instagram and blog right ? LOL I'm so fucked up , always cooking up excuses and nonsense . 

On that day , 
while I just wanted to let my hair down , my guy suddenly suggested to me a new hairdo which I've NEVER tried before . And to please him , I tried and I really did head out with it . Becomes hairdo of the day on Instagram and Facebook . Many of you liked it ♥ ! Thank my boyfriend for it haha . 
I quickly browse through most
of Forever21's clothes and picked out the few pieces which both me and Kaiming likes and purchased it with no hesitations . I didn't wanna buy clothes that my boyfriend doesn't like .. I mean , I wear it out for him to see most of the time right ? I want something that I like wearing in it and him enjoy looking at . Practice on that Chrysan . 

Of course , there wouldn't be a time where
people head out without having food . We went to Cineleisure's Orchard Old Town for dinner since I was craving for their Red Bean . Their red bean drink is fantastic with it's generous amount of whipped cream on it ! But when I did get to order again this time , I decided to try a different drink and it's the Blended Milk Tea . Fucking hell it was awesome ! 

I remembered the first time
I went to Old Town for dinner and I had to make a choice between Red Bean and Milk Tea . Because it was the only two that caught my eye and ever since I decided on Red Bean , I've always had that at Old Town and nothing else . And that day when I had the Milk Tea , I fell in love with it ! I love both ♥ ! 

Halfway through dinner , Kaiming
asked me to take a nice picture of him . You may wonder , why ask me ? Why not take it himself ? I'm seriously not trying to imply something , but I SWEAR his self shots are so fucking ugly ! Everyone agrees . Before I seen him in real life , his Facebook photos were the only pictures I could see , so obviously I went to browse it . Woah I swear 90% of his self shots on Facebook are damn ugly which girl would want to see ???? But when I saw him in real life , I was so shocked . Like how can a person look so good in real life but so ugly in photos ? There , blame himself . LOL 

Just why do most guys look ugly in photos and good in real life ? 
I especially hate it when guys take photos of themselves super near their face instead of full body shots . And Kaiming does that lol . To satisfy your curiosity , you can view Kaiming's Facebook photos on his profile HERE . Baby , if you happened to read this , I still love you okay LOL

If you noticed he went for a haircut too ! My handsome man :D :D 

 After dining at Old Town , 
we met up with his friends including bestie Eng Chuan to Club GAGA and the guys did the drinking while I just watch . Damn , I just can't drink . Or not . LOL . But we were happy with our buys that day ! 

On Day 3 ,
 I went to Cineleisure Orchard to meet up with Kaiming since he was doing some shopping that day all over Orchard with his friends !


I was there early 
and while waiting for Kaiming , I happen to see Irene and she accompanied me for quite some time at Cineleisure till I decided to take a walk at H&M ! Over there , I did some shopping too with my boyfriend and the usual peeps (:

Time passed fast ! 
After shopping and dinner , we went home and gave night time leisure a pass ~
 Vain girl me couldn't resist temptation but to pick up my iPhone and snapped pictures . No filters yet ! Photos will be uploaded to Instagram after this blog post (: 

Long bus rides are always good if you have your favorite music in your phone with your earpiece . And maybe , together with someone special
I especially like the feeling where
I'm with someone special and even though we aren't talking , we are totally enjoying the presence of one another . I don't even have to say a thing to feel happy .

Day 4 , I went Paragon (I think) and
walked towards a Topshop outlet along Orchard because I'm DYING TO BUY A FREAKING LIMITED LEATHER JACKET FROM THERE . I had dinner with my dad earlier on that night , yes Salted Egg Crabs if you've seen my Insta below :
LOL , my delicious breakfast + lunch + dinner that night !

My dad sent me off to take a cab after dinner
and chiong all the way to find my boyfriend and the rests hoping that the Topshop outlet isn't closed yet because my man says , he saw the jacket that I want in that outlet ! (I went to a few outlets before hand and it was already sold out)

Cosmo Inspired Outfit ~

Just as I was reaching , 
I received a call from Kaiming saying that the jacket that I want is only left with size UK8 and his friend which went along with him bought it for his girlfriend on the spot cause she liked it too :@ ! Which when I reach , they were still there with Kaiming ... holding the freaking Topshop shopping bag with the leather jacket in it that I've always wanted so badly .... Imagined how that felt ? 

I was so disappointed ..
and secretly felt upset but I didn't wanted to show it that much and not wanting to ruin my boyfriend's mood . Even though I know he wouldn't because he cares for my feelings a lot more than his own ... So I decided to just continue and have a great day with them and headed to Cineleisure to accompany my boyfriend to have his dinner . Silly him didn't even had his dinner though he knew I was dining with my dad already ! 

But just as I decided
to sit down for awhile before heading over to Cineleisure , Kaiming's friend suddenly passed me the Topshop shopping bag and said "nah give you la" Then I replied , "I thought it's UK8 and it's for your girlfriend ?" My glance shifted to his girlfriend as I said . They started laughing and said , "Don't blame us , Kaiming planned all these , he wanted to give you a surprise , it's a UK6 la . He bought the leather jacket for you ." 

While listening to all
that explanation which I asked for and suddenly stuffed to me , I was in complete shock and my mood slowly lifted . I felt so happy that once again , my boyfriend gave me a surprise and it was so successful . I totally bought their story , I didn't even expect it to be such a pleasant surprise ! 

My boy didn't even get anything for himself . 
He's a lion dancer , his money is really hard earned and it doesn't come easy ..... Yet , he splurged on me . No matter how I gave him back the money in cash , he refused to take it back . It's not about the jacket , it's all about how he just wants to bring a smile on to my face .

That night ended early , but
spending time with him is still the greatest thing ever . 

Finally , our mini loots :
Belt from AX , Jeans from The Denim Store , Black & White Basic Tank from H&M , Black bag from H&M , Denim Jacket from Forever 21 , Neon Peach bag from H&M , White translucent blouse from Forever 21 , White loose top from Forever 21 .

The leather jacket that my boyfriend bought for me is from Topshop . My size is UK6 .

 Tell me if you guys want
a haul video again soon featuring all my buys along with my boyfriend ! It's been quite sometime since I last did a haul video ! I feel that we girls should be open to different styles of makeup , hairdo and outfits . Because if you don't , you won't know what actually really works well on you ! And trying out different styles once in awhile is really refreshing for you and people around ♥ !

Ending this post with the most unglam sight
of me and Kaiming in history . Good morning everyone and I hope you guys stay happy everyday , just don't stop reading !

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