Friday, 20 December 2013

Bay Market


Once again , it's flea time ! 
What comes up to your mind when it comes to flea markets ? ForFleaSake , the biggest flea organization in Singapore ! But this time , it's a little different because instead of the usual flea markets , ForFleaSake collaborated with the URA (Urban Redevelopment Authority) & Marina Bay for a Artisan Market !

WOW , talk about Artisan ! 
Just like flea markets , Artisan market sells all the good stuffs but the difference is that they only sell handmade , self-manufactured items & artwork . And together , ForFleaSake , URA & Marina Bay presents to you the Bay Market : 

Bay Market will be available on every second weekend of the month !

 Earlier on this weekend ,
I was invited to the Bay Market & it was such an eyeopening experience ! Just like you guys , I thought it was just another normal flea but NO . They really really live up to how a Artisan Market should be like . 

When I reached , they just set up their booths so I got to see everything before it's wiped out !

To satisfy your curiosity , 
here's a list of what the Bay Market is allowed to sell & NOT allowed to sell : 

Vintage items must be 20 years old or more omg !!!

And now , to let you guys have a sneak peek of Bay Market :D

[I would be listing down the brands there as much as possible just in case the next time you visit the Bay Market but the vendors aren't there anymore !]

Girlfriends what you waiting for ?! Handmade accessories even !
Bags , clothes ? Checked . If I'm not wrong , bags are only at $15 !!
Super cute crystallized key chains nicely packed ! Ideal for gifts :D

Hey Christmas cards ! You all gonna need it for sure !

Mini glass bottles for you to write small letters for your loved ones (: From - Two Wooden Sticks

Handmade ribbons how cute !
"collecting , buying + restoring stuffs for homes brought me into this crazy idea of sharing + selling things I love or collected" as quoted from their Facebook page . I mean it's cool how they sell vintage items & stuffs that you can't find else where ... twowoodensticks 二木雑貨 , you guys should really visit their FB page ! Art , Culture & Charity , that's what they signify ! 

And I love this booth ! Whenever people mention Tupperware I'll go like "walao so boring" and expect some laopok ugly tupperware but this booth impressed me ! All their tupperware are really cute and unique even those with Christmas designs ! #MustVisit


The kind of earrings that I absolutely love are vintage earrings , just look at them !

The magnets can be custom made , just send them the photos you want & done :D !
Handmade glass marble magnets are at $3 each and 4 for $10 ! 
Customized magnets with words and patterns are $4 each and 4 for $12 . Photo magnets are $5 each & 4 for $16 . Reasonably priced ! And if you're interested , you can send in your orders to Novice Crafters at novicecrafters@gmail.com (: 

Artworks spotted !

Really unique notebooks , not to mention the necklaces on the left side ! If I'm not wrong , it's ranged $12-$15 (the kind that comes along with matching earrings :D) Necklaces like these are so in the trend !

Mummy Kelly's Corner ! They sell a lot of hand sewed products , motherly indeed !

Really cute hand sewed macaroon pouches ! It's all unique & different from the rests . You can't find another exact piece !

The owner was so nice she opened up most of the macaroon pouches for me to see ! There's a mirror in every pouch in different shapes based on the cloth's design like cats & flowers ! They are priced at $15 each , hand sewed items really catches my eye !

If you wish to know more about
Mummy's Kelly Corner & what other handmade items they sell , visit them at http://mmmykellycorner.blogspot.sg (:

Get one to beautify your room ! Hahaha

I love it when flea markets sells desserts ! You can get them when you're hungry as a snack or even buy it for your friends and family or YOURSELF ! Home remedies are the best !

They just look so tasty & mouth watering !

SALE IS ALL YOU NEED ! Guys , go there with your girlfriends , you might find something you like too :D


by bricks & clouds just gives me a really different feeling compared to all the other paintings . It's all unique , one and only , & it is something that I can just for a long time without getting bored and still find it catchy . Something that I would purchase and place it in my room , the most amazing thing is ? THE PRICING IS MAD CHEAP !!! #MUSTVISIT 

Minions !

Wanna create a romantic atmosphere with your partner ? Use candles !

I love these ! So vintage looking :D


The owner is so nice he gave me some & honestly ,
 I didn't think much about it as these 3D cards are easily seen elsewhere . BUT TILL I OWN ONE AND OPEN IT UP MYSELF I'M LIKE WOW I'M GONNA KEEP THIS FOREVER . I'm so amazed in impressed by how delicate it could be and made with no flaws at all ... To be more impressed , they accept customizations even ! Just tell them what you want to be made 3D in the card and they would do it for you ! I really love it so much so thankful ... Visit them at thebluepocketgift.com where they have workshops and a lot more handmade gifts :D !

AND THIS ! I love it ! I love charms & I can't believe these are all handmade charms at only 80CENTS EACH .

Look how cute these are ! They also provide bracelets as seen below :D
This is something that I would definitely wear . It's too cool , I mean nobody would ever have the same thing as you do !

The charms I mentioned above
are from T.E.P.S [Two Eggplants Story] www.tepstory.wix.com/teps check them out they sell clothes too ! 

Body shampoo , hand sanitizers and more ! I do own a hand sanitizer from this booth though , it smells really great , mine is in vanilla flavor :p

Last but not least , MOFO CHILI !!!! Major love for them ! I love all the vendors there , all so friendly and humble .

What's so special about MOFO CHILI ?
They are handmade chili spread & super spicy omg !!! You would be able to keep it for a month & they have two different types of MOFO CHILI . One - DODGE THE BULLET , two - FINAL DESTINATION (as seen below) . Dodge the bullet is the one that's less spicy whereas Final destination is twice as spicy as the other one . I tried the less spicy one and I swear omfg it's so spicy my ears turned red and I could feel the heat ! 

I'm the kind that
can't take spiciness (so maybe that explains why it's so spicy to me) and I really don't like to eat anything spicy . But this one is really special , it's spicy but at the same time SHIOK . LOL I'm serious ! If you love spicy , GO FOR FINAL DESTINATION ! If not , try the Dodge the bullet . They provide testers there so you can always try first :D

Dodge the bullet (Less spicy one)

Final Destination - Spiciest !

Check out MOFO CHILI at www.mofochilli.com (: 

To round things up ,
here are some of the things that I recommend you guys to buy & personally like : Go for the tupperware , portraits by bricks and clouds , handmade 3D cards , macaroon mirrors by mummy kelly's corner & charms by T.E.P.S & MOFO CHILI !

Bay Market in a
whole is really amazing . Once you're there , you immediately feel very atas like you're very up there LOL . Because all the stuffs are so delicate and exquisite , looking all so artsy and beautiful , like it's only meant for the rich yet surprisingly , all these good stuffs are sold at really low & reasonable prices ! 

I mean how often do you get to come across
 good artworks and such great items at such good deals ? Grab it while it's still there because in January 2014 , it'll probably be your last chance to visit the Bay Market ! The things sold there are suitable for people at ALL ages literally . Christmas & CNY are coming , show some love get the people around you special gifts ! It feels like an exhibit of vintage stuffs too , you don't get to see all that in Singapore anywhere . Even if you don't shop , it's still nice to see !  

Follow @ForFleaSake on Instagram & like their Facebook page HERE

Anyway just in case
you guys don't know how to get there , I've made a video on how to ! Watch it below :

Basically just alight at
Bayfront MRT station , exit at exit D , you would immediately see an escalator in front of you , take it & you will see another escalator , take one level up again . Once you're up , turn left walk straight towards Chanel . Once you reached Chanel , turn left & walk straight all the way till you see Gongcha/7-11 , continue walking straight , take the exit & you will see Bay Market already ! EASY ! I got to the Bay Market easily because I just go to the concierge and ask where's the Gongcha HAHAHA . Anyway , remember every second week of the month ! See you there !