Friday, 13 December 2013

To the pool !

Headed over to
my find my eldest sis to chill but ended up falling asleeppppppppppppp . Below is the just-wake-up-look HAHAHA . I waited for my second sis to come over and join us and she was so sweet she da bao chicken rice lor !!! LOL

Masked before heading down for a swim ~

Below is a short
instavideo of my second sis and I HAHAHAHA . Every single time someone says "I'm going for a swim" , they're actually really just jumping into the pool playing with water LOL . Which is exactly what my sister & I have been doing the entire evening that day ! Had a great time and went off to bedok simpang for dinner :D

I don't understand
why my fats just won't go to my boobs but to my face all the time ... I've been gaining so much face fats and no idea how to get rid of it -____- 

People commented 
that my second sister & I look really alike , we get that all the time . Even in Taiwan , someone came up to me and asked if we're twins !