Thursday, 12 December 2013

Casual x Dramatic

Hi guys ! In this 
blog post , I would be posting contrasting photos of myself with casual look and the not-so-casual-look (Dramatic I guess ?) . I just thought maybe I can put both looks together in one blog post since it's just one of those narcissist time where I took so many pictures & it's good to have them side by side to see a difference ! It's a really impromptu blog post soooooooo , have fun reading !

Nowadays I get
really lazy in terms of getting ready to head out soooooooooooooo , I found my new love and that is to tie my hair all up with light makeup ! HAHAHA if you've my past few posts , I only mastered messy bun not long back and I'm so in love with it already .

 To be honest ,
 I quite like this look . Clean , simple , fast & so casual ! Casual look makes it so easy to dress up . Especially for a person like me who has a wardrobe disaster . Except that I think I really have to fill in my brows LOL . My eyebrows are COMPLETELY NON FUCKING EXISTENT OMG . I don't even know why ):

This look
saves me a lot of time . I usually spend quite a lot of time on makeup but for this , I just had to apply concealer , lip balm , lip tint (to add a bit of color to the center of your lips & cheeks) and if you wish to , you can also add a bit of loose powder if you think concealing is not enough ! I think adding color to your lip & cheeks is a very important step . Because if you noticed , the purpose of adding color is to make sure you have that rosy glow (like blood flowing) and without it , you would look so pale like you're gonna die the next min LOL . 

TIP : If you wish to elongate your eyes , 
but you really just wanna avoid eyeliners as they're too harsh & defined (unnatural) , you can opt for black/brown eyeshadow . Dab a little & brush ONLY the outer corners of your eyes . In this case , I think black does a better job ! 

Noticing my eyebrows once again

FYI , during my usual
makeup routine , I actually don't use eyebrow pencil to fill in my brows . I prefer using eyeshadow instead . It's fast & less harsh to keep it natural . I used to use eyebrow pencils but it's so harsh & difficult to blend ... However if you do use eyeshadow for eyebrows like me , I believe using different kind of makeup brush would give different results . So find the right method for yourself !


Back then in the past ,
 I will not head out to town area without my usual makeup on . Below are pictures of my usual makeup but the only difference is that I tried applying on eyeshadow that day (which I usually don't put on) ! And putting on makeup is where I spend most of my time on before heading out . Honestly , I might like how the usual makeup look but I really detest the feeling of having makeup all over my face ...

Over time I
just start to feel like rubbing makeup remover all over my face to feel fresh . Yes , FRESH . I minimized my makeup as much as I could . For this look , my base only includes concealer (for dark eye circles) and loose powder all over my face . The reason why I opt for loose powder instead of foundation is because loose powder is more light . Whereas foundation has a tendency of a cakey look and feeling sometimes ):

Like I said ,
this is a little different from my usual makeup such that in this , I applied eyeshadow namely - White x Brown to define my double eyelids more ! However , most of the time I don't use full lengths eyelashes . I only brush my eyelashes with mascara and add short falsies that are only for the outer corner of your eyes . To give you a better idea of the difference between both lashes , see below :

Full length lashes . (Which is what I don't usually use) Because I think it's too dramatic .

This is an example of a half length lash for only the outer corner of your eyes to elongate them ! This is the kind of lash I would usually use along with mascara to even out the rest of my lashes . Half lashes are more natural ! The ones I use are slightly shorter than this one .

Also I've mentioned
that I only use eyeshadow to fill in my brows . From the above pictures , you can see how it's like to have brows filled in by eyeshadow instead of eyebrow pencils . Natural looking brows or not , you judge !

When I had this look ,
I just so happened to take a insta video of my makeup that day and you can view it below here :

Below are more pictures of
my usual makeup with only half length falsies for the outer corner of my eyes without eyeshadow . They look almost the same but you would notice that in these photos , my eyelids aren't as defined as the ones above due to the power of eyeshadow .

TIP : Dab a little bit of white eyeshadow to the
inner corners of your eyes & the lower philtrum . In case you don't know what's a philtrum (I also don't know actually , I went to google HAHAHA) , here it is :

It's that dent slightly above your upper lips .
Adding white eyeshadow to both areas can first make your eye look brighter & your lips perkier !

*this is not some tutorial or whatever but a post out of fun . be beautiful !*