Wednesday, 11 December 2013

The best friendship

My BFF and I have a very weird friendship . 

This is a candid shot of my BFF & I back then in 2011 !

We hardly meet up , 
we hardly text each other , but we're always on each others mind . Her name used to appear on my blog almost every single day as back then before school reopens and all , we had so much time for each other & most of the time , we go to the clubs . Or rather , as long as I'm heading out , I'll bring her along ! 

But now that we're both busy , 
we hardly meet up anymore . But our bond only gets stronger , it doesn't feel awkward AT ALL even though we don't contact each other . And our bitching modes are automatically switched on once we get in contact . We don't go like , "oh babygirl how are you" , we don't even speak to each other nicely HAHAHHA . But this is indeed a very special friendship , because our arguments are always very heated , we don't sweet talk , no hiding , we don't contact much , but we both have that absolute faith for one another that doesn't goes off . 

It's just like
if we were separated in two different rooms with people asking us questions about each other or anything , our answers would be the same . And it's like if anytime you ask me , "do you think she would be there when you get into trouble ?" my answer would be YES WITHOUT HESITATING . And duh , she's none other than Peixin . Everyone who's close to me would know that . I can just randomly bring her up into a conversation with a stranger because she's such a important person in my life .

The weird thing is , 
we're very very different from each other . Completely different personality . We always argue & debate with each other over issues and our perspective , she doesn't put on much makeup like I do , she doesn't dress up like I do , she's so tall & I'm so short , she's so brave & I'm so timid . YOU GET IT , WE ARE SO DIFFERENT . And then we would always end up asking each other , "eh why we so close ah ? How come I'm your friend ah ? Why we can clique ah ?" We always end up laughing off .

I met up with her again ♥ ! We met up at my MRT station and headed over to Bugis together & throughout the whole MRT journey , we're like texting each other even though she's just opposite me HAHAHHAA . 

She looks damn awkward in this picture idk why HAHAHHAA

Once we reached Bugis , 
we decided to sheesha & walked over to Haji Lane where most sheesha shops are located at . Over there , I believe the most popular one is called 'Nasrin' right ? I went to a few shops but most of them ran out of vanilla flavor that day I was so sad ): But we settled down at Nasrin for grape ! 

And it was such a
surprise because Peixin bought me macaroons and strawberry flavored cupcakes from Delifrance ! 

And I swear the cupcakes & 
macaroons tastes sooooooooooo heavenly ! Especially the cupcakes . The cake itself is so moist , the strawberry is really sweet , and strawberry filled fillings would ooze out whenever you take a bite

Below is a instavideo like a round up of what we had that night :

And this one above is where
I asked her to help me take a video and at the end I was like "Wa you still filming ah ?!" in chinese HAHAHHA . Time spent with her is always always sooooooo satisfying . I wish I can keep her by my side 24/7 and not let her go HAHAHA . 

After sheesha ,  we ordered rose tea to share , I SWEAR this one's good choice ♥ Tied my hair up because it was really warm x.x

Peixin & I ♥ 2013

Anyway , 
I just wanna reminisce some of the times I spent with Peixin the past few years , so I'm gonna post old photos of Peixin & I in this blog post below ! I know the saying that goes , "every year you look back at yourself and realized you look like crap" YES EXACTLY . I look like crap in the old photos below . DON'T JUDGE :@ 

Peixin and I at Cineleisure 2 years back !

How we headed to thai discos together ~

Also year 2011 , where I had night shift work and she would come to my work place to help me EVERY SINGLE DAY without fail all the way till morning and she heads to school straight away . 

Year 2011 : We headed out to Bugis for neoprints on one of my off days !

I used to put very little makeup in the past . And Peixin used to look so lian HAHHA

Year 2011 : Peixin at Somerset 313 with me :D

Year 2011 : In my room where she came over to cook for me ! She hid her cigarette behind because she doesn't wanna be seen as a smoker HAHAHA

Year 2011 : We were heading off to somewhere but we separated and traveled in two different cabs LOL

This idiot . Really hahahha

Year 2011 : Peixin & I where we headed over to Club SOUL together (club soul doesn't exist anymore)

Year 2011 : Randomly heading down to Punggol Haibin for fun when it's so far from where both of us live !

Year 2011 : Midnight playground fun LOL . Really don't know what joy we find in it back then .

Year 2011 : I headed over to Somerset to get her cake done . Peixin's older than me by the way !

Year 2011 : When I surprised her with the birthday cake

Year 2011 : She was standing there like "wtf is happening ?" It was a surprise on her birthday .

Year 2011 : Censored my face because I was laughing so badly that I didn't looked human HAHAH

Year 2011 : We headed to club Soul that night where we got harassed by angmohs , made friends with strangers & got interviewed by razor tv for being mistaken as lesbians LOL

Year 2011 : That one night where we decided to try to get into Butter Factory but didn't in the end because we got no guts HAHAHHA LOL

Year 2011 : Where we didn't sleep AT ALL and headed out in the morning straight after a chalet & stayed awake till night for ANOTHER chalet . Madness

Year 2011 : We went to party at club soul again . She sent me home as usual but this time , she had to clean my vomit and take care of me , listening to my nonsense the entire night !

Year 2011 : On my birthday with my family . IDK why Peixin must laugh until like that inside HAHAHA . After the celebration , she accompanied to a chalet surprise for me by SMOOVE .

Year 2011 : Early in the morning where I went to look for her at Jurong for breakfast .

Year 2011 : On the very same day we randomly headed off to Far East to shop and PEIXIN BOUGHT HEELS FOR THE FIRST TIME AND DIDN'T WEAR IT LOL

Year 2012 , we started to get busy with our schools . This was where we headed to Cineleisure for graffiti cafe's wanton mee !

Year 2012 - We were supposed to head into JB but ended up at our friend's place and spent the entire night talking non stop !

Year 2012 : We were at Zirca that night & again it was an impromptu decision . I never clubbed ever since then till recently where I visited the clubs in Taiwan !

Year 2013 : Where me and my team made a short film and was screened at GV and obviously I invited my BFF Peixin

She's the best I can ever have .