Saturday, 21 December 2013

Ultimate Hair Transformation

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Picture taken a few days after I did my hair there & it's still smooth ! [P/S : Read till the end on how to get a 20% discount when you do your hair at J7IMAGE !]

Few days back
I went for my first hair appointment with my new hair sponsor , J7IMAGE ♥ ! I swear I love them , because as the title suggests , it is really the ultimate hair transformation in my life . From my old photos , you guys would've known that I've tried many colors , did a lot of bleaching & so much damage was done to my hair and nothing was able fix it ... I kept swopping shampoos and what not & then I realized how important hair care is . That means , get a fixed hair salon to handle your hair monthly !

URM I MEAN JUST LOOK AT HOW DAMAGED MY HAIR WAS . (It was taken the day before I visit J7IMAGE . Aargh can't stand this picture , ugly hair destroys everything !

So then when 
I reached the salon , I was really embarrassed by how bad my hair condition was , but I knew they can save it . I tell myself I'm not gonna leave that salon without good hair . So my hairstylists started straightening my hair with the blow dryer first so it would be easier to manage . 

Within minutes , 
it was straightened ! They started parting my hair & applying dye onto it . And honestly , I had no idea what hairstyle/color I was gonna have because I allowed my hairstylist [Jeft] to completely take charge of it & he already planned what to do for me way before that day . I trust him so much because , his judgement is never wrong , he knows what hairstyle suits me the most :D

I instantly
felt like a queen once I step into J7IMAGE because so many stylists handling my hair at the same time (they are actually just helping each other) & the staffs there are always so nice , friendly & most importantly super funny ! I wouldn't enjoy doing my hair in an unfriendly environment but J7IMAGE is just nice & comfy too ♥

Once my hair
have fully absorbed the dye , they gave me a really nice head massage & treatment during the wash which was a relax cooling sensation !! J7IMAGE is really professional , they offer EVERY SINGLE customer a good head massage during their hair wash because they believe their customers deserve it , as sitting down for a long time getting their hair done can be quite a tiring chore ! During the treatment , they also placed a hot towel under my neck for me to lay on , it was so soothing ! And I must say I really love their head massages

Jeft giving me a haircut after washing my hair :D
After blow drying my hair ..

This picture was taken right after I had my hair done !
 I'm so impressed
by how they managed to make my hair all smooth just by their normal treatment . I love how my new hair colors too ! This hairstyle is actually J7IMAGE's next year hair collection that they intend to launch but Jeft tried it on me first ! 

He had black as base for the 
inner bottom part & dark brown for the outer upper part of my hair . And bleached a portion of my hair with a ombre effect from blonde(on top) to silver(below) . BUT that's not the end yet ! He sprayed a kind of purple dye & started washing it all over the silver portion giving it a tint of purple over my silver hair . Leaving it from blonde fading to silverish purple downwards with the effect of healthy yet fashionable hairstyle :D

In case you don't
understand what I mean by 'spraying purple dye & washing it' you can watch the video that I made in the salon below : 

And if you wanna see how 
smooth it is (as many of you PM/commented) to ask me why my hair is so smooth , you can watch the video below : 

  Most commonly asked question : What treatment did they use on you ?
Answer : Normal treatment LOL . But they have other kind of treatments available for you :D ! 

To let you know about J7IMAGE , 
they are actually a certified green salon , meaning ALL the products that they use on their customers are all organic without any other chemicals as J7IMAGE takes haircare very seriously . The organic products are all from the brand O'Right which is featured on multiple beauty shows on TV especially '女人我最大'  ! Therefore even if you intend to bleach you hair , you wouldn't have to worry about it being damaged ! 

Me looking at their certificate as being qualified as a green salon !

Also , 
you would be entitled to one lucky draw for any hair services you did at J7IMAGE before CNY . And you would SURELY win something as seen in picture below :

HAHAHHA I look super excited for the lucky draw . Anyway they've a ongoing promotion too ! As long as your total bill is above $100 , you would get a cash voucher of $17 for your next visit , spend $250 above , you would get cash voucher of $50 for your next visit as well . However next visit must be after CNY and here's the thing , they are not raising their prices during CNY at all yay !!!!

They also used Golden rose oil treatment & Yogurt hair mask on me . These two products are the best selling in their shop !

No more dry hair ends !

Get your hair done at J7IMAGE for Christmas & CNY or whatever
right now !! Do note that during CNY if they're busy , they might only go by appointments and not walk-ins . And now , for the discount codes that you guys are waiting for !!!!!!

Yes , simply show them my blog on your mobile and you can easily get 20% off any hair services at J7IMAGE guaranteed ♥ !

J7IMAGE's staffs ! A bunch of energetic and friendly people :D ! Thank you guys , for reviving my hair once again
J7IMAGE is located at : 
 14 Scotts Road 
 #02-14 Far East Plaza (S)228213 
P/S : They are closed on the 7th of every month

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