Thursday, 26 December 2013

With the girls !

Last week , 
I met up with some of the girls (we are all from the same company) for a profile photoshoot with our managers ♥ ! And before that ,  we are all dressed up and had our hair styled at J7IMAGE againnnnn & I swear I just love them . Because without them my hair would just be like dry grass or something lol . And for the rests their hair is already so chio la , so when they got their hair styled they look even prettier wtf . So jealous !!!

Wearing a cap while on the way to the salon because I woke up with my fringe all puffed up HAHAHHAA
When I reached , 
it was my first time seeing some of the girls but amazingly all of us just hit off well after awhile (which is good because I was still afraid it would be awkward) :D  The best part was the bonding session over Sushi lunch before getting our hair done ! I mean who doesn't love sushi ♥_♥ ?! I also happen to see my close friend & her mom back then in secondary school years ago , kinda glad & sad at the same time . Wished I could still be as close to her like how we were back then . I feel friends don't come & go , it's just that both parties must be putting in effort that's all . ANYWAY BACK TO TOPIC , when finally getting all of our hair styled :

*Koped from Parisa's Instagram*

Standing beside all of them just makes me look like crap x9832427643 but I don't have a choice hahahha

From left to right : Managers Jess & Joleen , me , bloggers Cheryl , Parisa & Aurelia ! Wish Isabel could be in the pictures too but she was still getting her hair done and all T_T sooooooo a picture of herself below will suffice

Sorry Isabel I'm super lazy to edit your picture into ours & I just anyhow kope your twitter DP BUTTTTTTTTT it's nice having your face here in my blog to glam it up ok
 Honestly , 
I'm really glad that Isabel was there that day because she was one of the girls I knew before hand & who else can I talk to (besides my manager) if she wasn't ?? Not to mention she had her portable charger with her which saved my dying battery -_______- 

With Aurelia


All of us in the car on the way for some shooting ! Quite sad Parisa's face got cut out like 5/6 of it LOL

With Cheryl & Aurelia . Honestly I'm so jealous of their eyes la I mean I don't even have to edit their face wtf . After I edit mine I still look like crap beside them I JUST CAN'T [Another good reason for me to get plastic surgery done , cannot lose to them !!]

I don't understand how can Aurelia still look nice in flip flops . IF I'M IN SLIPPERS I WOULD ALWAYS LOOK DAMN LUPSUP . Maybe because I'm super asian looking that's why lol

With my manager Joleen , I swear I fucking love her . I'm so glad she's around ALWAYS . And it's like I can just randomly WA her & rant in secrecy even though she's just beside me . She wasn't that pale looking in RL , it was just my filters LOL . And she totally didn't mind looking pale just because I chose a filter to make me look better and she went like , " It's okay la , you look chio can already" and give that saint smile LOL

Cheryl looks damn thai & thai girls are all fucking gorgeous . And guess what ? I found out she's a fucking huge eater SHE CAN EAT A LOT NON STOP BUT SHE'S FUCKING SKINNY . Girls like her fucking exist I cannot believe it .

And below is a short instavideo of the photoshoot we did : 

Again I must thank Joleen for staying so still taking videos of me (the actual video was quite long like the entire time where it was my turn to shoot)

This photo was when I was in the car after I changed into casual clothing and I was complaining that there's no natural sunlight for me to take selfies & guess what ? Parisa & Cheryl took out their phones with flashlights shining it on me , one from left , the other from right HAHAHHAA . Thanks guys love y'all !

All in all
it was such a great day spent with them . So much fun & laughter ! Can't wait to see them again hehe . It's so nice being able to work with people whom you feel comfortable with like a family . Anyway the dress I'm wearing is from Space Invasion retail store , you can read more about them HERE where I blogged . And my hair styled by J7IMAGE salon HERE

Great day ahead guyzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ^^