Monday, 30 December 2013

The Second POP

FML !!! 
My iTunes is totally not reacting to my iPhone at all .......... Now I can't backup , sync or anything at all since it's totally not detecting my iPhone and I'm really crazy aargh !! Anyway , I went to Kranji Camp last week for my bro's second POP so glad I got to see him ♥ Soooooooo , outfit that morning ! :

I guess it's my first time wearing like a sleeveless crop top & I'm so worried I look crappy in it lol

So I was kinda late and so many
seats were already occupied ! Actually I wasn't even late lor , but I don't know , when it comes to event like this , people just go extra super early to 'reserve' their seats first lol . So it's not me who's late but others that are early ! Before I got to see my bro , the 41 SAR put up a great performance hahaha it's really nice to see them because it's like seeing people who are contributing to and protecting our country . My bro is from Falcon company though . Proud of army boys always !!! 

And yeap , 
finally I got to see my bro after the ceremony and all . We are then allowed to go find him & put on his beret for him ! Camp was nice enough to be playing 'kiss the rain' while it happened LOL hahaha . It's so tough for army boys to be training no matter what regardless rain or shine . They were standing at the parade so still and it was drizzling then . 

Instavideo below : 

Bro and me

M203 , right ?

Left to right : Me , bro , Amanda & sister ! hehe

After the ceremony ,
we had breakfast at their canteen where they served laksa , pudding , satay and what not hahaha . And I must say I love their laksa LOL . I finished every bit of it . It's quite nice but I'm not sure if they really serve THAT kind of laksa in camp . I mean , is it really that good ?  And the queue was damn fast also . But the pudding can't be fake right !

It was sort of like 
a carnival that day , with booths , 'joy ride' and all . So I visited some of the booths where I can check out the army medics , weapons , tanks (bionix?) , photobooths for family etc . There was even a booth where you get to apply camo on your face O_O !!! But I didn't do it , too vain and no guts , saw girls doing it though !! As for the 'joy ride' , yeah I fucking sat in a BX and they brought us one whole round in the camp LOL SO COOL WHY ARMY SO CUTE EVEN ARRANGE THIS KIND OF THING FOR US HAHAHA .

And if you're curious , 
watch the insta video I posted below (video's kinda loud btw !!)  : 

Hahahha sister & I sitting in a tank(really not sure if it's called a tank so sorry for any mistakes !!!)
Just like the above picture ,
 we got to explore the tanks , get inside , take pictures etc . They even had an emcee there to like hype up the campaign LOL . Still remembered the emcee went like , "you guys can take pictures , post it on FB , instagram anything you want !" hahaha . 

Not to mention , 
my ankle was in pain & bled because I guess I was just wearing the wrong shoes that day and somehow there's abrasion . It was damn awkward because I wanted to ask for a plaster and none of them with me wanted to help me get one ): So I went to the medics and got myself a plaster super embarrassing . Just imagine some stupid girl comes up to you & ask if you've a plaster -______-

That's about all that day 
and I hope Singapore will continue to stay safe #random . I wouldn't wanna experience the same shit ever again when I was alone at ECP the other day . Heading off to town later for a movie session with my siblings and their partners , can't wait