Wednesday, 29 October 2014

New favorites!

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It gets me excited every single
time I'm up on my blog/instagram to show you guys what I got from Space Invasion! I've been going down to Space Invasion at The Cathay regularly since October 2013 for awesome clothes and accessories, come to think of it, it's been more than a year already! Not once in my life did I leave Space Invasion without feeling happy with the things I choose to feature.

Thank you Space Invasion,
for being the perfect one stop shop where they house famous labels all together. It's so convenient how I can shop different labels at the same time and try out different styles! One thing I love, size - is almost not a problem in Space Invasion!

I picked a few items
that day and it's the first time in my life where I chose and wore a classy printed dress and styled it with a statement necklace as seen below: 

Guess what?
I'm in love with it! I swear initially I really thought I wouldn't wear it but still picked it since the prints looks nice! But when I wore it..... whooa fml I'm never gonna let this piece go! The material is sooooo good and most importantly, it's crazy comfy! 

Moving on to the
white statement necklace I chose, it's insane HAHHAHA.
Because the moment I saw it at Space Invasion, I didn't even worry about whether I've clothes to match it with, I just tell myself, I HAVE TO TAKE THIS. IT'S SO PRETTY T_T I even told my boyfriend how much I love this piece and he agrees with me too! :D 

Not to mention, it's so affordable!
Scroll down for close up shots and price.

 Hehe you're definitely gonna
see me wearing this necklace a lot more often on my Instagram! For the last item, I chose the Strappy V-Neck Jumpsuit! 

I know it looks pretty plain and all but that's the point!!!!
 I'm a big fan of simple outfits and for someone like me who knows little about fashion, keeping it simple is the safest! Besides, MY BF KNOWS I'VE BEEN WANTING TO GET THIS JUMPSUIT. And I was soooooooooooo happy when I can get it from Space Invasion!!!! ♥_

Hahaha and if you're wondering,
the clutches are part of my loots that I got from SIMS2014, can't wait to shop at Space Invasion again already though! Do check out Space Invasion at The Cathay if you wanna shop for yourself head to toe or almost anything else, since they house so many awesome labels, I don't see why anyone would wanna miss this out! 

The online store labels will
restock their racks in Space Invasion regularly! So do follow @spaceinvasionsg on Twitter/Instagram for the latest items, trends, promos and more! Tag them in your Instagram pictures and get a chance to be featured on their platform! Last but not least, flash your OOTDs featuring Space Invasion items to get free Loreal products when you shop at Space Invasion!

Have a great day ahead!

Space Invasion @ The Cathay #03-15/16