Thursday, 6 November 2014



Omg what can I say!!!!
This is by far the best online store[IMO] that I've featured on my blog! I honestly didn't know that SELF STYLE sells such a huge variety of items ranging from clothes, headwear, bags, statement necklaces to many other types of accessories!!!! I've no idea why you guys are so lucky because apparently, SELF STYLE is gonna giveaway $100 cash to one lucky reader of my blog! AND, I'm also giving away something from Self Style as well! Read till the end of the post to know how! :D

With a few items from @shopselfstyle,
I styled two outfits together which are both of very different style! The first outfit I styled is the happy beach look as seen below: 

Items used from @shopseflstyle to achieve this look: Hairband//Infinity Necklace//Mint Beach Top
More details on this outfiit along with the prices:

I was really shocked when I was going through SELF STYLE's Facebook page where all the prices & items are listed.... Gosh the prices are insane!!!!!! It's mad low and not to mention, I love almost all the items they sell T_T They've so many different types of items that caters to different types of customers, no excuse for all of us to drop by and check out their online store already!

My favourite pick in
the first outfit above would have to be the Japan hot lips headband! It's so cute and easily adds a touch of style to my whole outfit! Moreover, I never owned a piece like that, so I was actually really happy when they decided to give me one ♥_♥!!!! My boyfriend prefers the Infinity Necklace though, he told me like a million times that he likes it HAHAHHA.

Moving on to the second outfit,
 I decided to go for something that's completely different from the first look. It's more dark & grunge. And I've to say, I'm absolutely IN LOVE with the blue reflective shades from @shopselfstyle:
Items used from SELF STYLE to achieve this look: Blue Reflective Shades//Floral Watch

And my most absolute
favourite out of the lot? DEFINITELY THE SHADES. It's in this unique shade of blue with a combination of vintage and modern look to it, I consider this as one of my favourite accessory that I now own! As usual, the prices are crazy low, scroll down for more details on the items! ♥

Love their items? That's not all!
Here's a sneak peak to more items that they sell on their Facebook Page, SELF STYLE:

By the way, all of their unique watches are priced at $15 each, super affordable and pretty! ♥
I'm actually more impressed with their statement necklaces! Once, I bought this statement necklace at a shop for $30 and I found the exact same one on SELF STYLE for only $8..... I wanted to cry on the spot lor!!! Really, check out SELF STYLE on their Facebook page or Instagram, who knows you might see something you like (LIKE ME HAHA) OR you something you've been looking for! :D

If I go on talking about
how much I love SELF STYLE's items, I think you guys would fall asleep already HAHAHA. So to perk you guys up and since SELF STYLE's owner is so damn nice, SELF STYLE is gonna reward you with $100 CASH PRIZE for being so attentive with reading this post!


1. LIKE their Facebook page HERE.
2. FOLLOW them on their Instagram[@shopselfstyle].
3. Post a picture of your outfit on Instagram/FB & TAG @shopselfstyle!
4. Hashtag #shopselfstylexchrysan

Owner of @shopselfstyle is very willing to giveaway the $100 to those
who follow the 3 simple steps above so please join if you wanna win some cash and if you would like, use the money to shop at SELF STYLE! :D

I would also personally purchase
one item that you want from @shopselfstyle as long as you join this giveaway and hashtag #shopselfstylexchrysan! And I would pick the second lucky winner! So the first gets a $100 cash while the second receives a gift from me! :D

Good luck and happy shopping!
Thank you SELF STYLE for the amazing giveaway and the items, I love them! ♥
Last but not least, if you're shopping at Self Style, quote "Chrysan Lee" for 10% total bill!!!!!

NOTE: GIVEAWAY ENDS ON 15 November 2014.