Saturday, 8 November 2014

Messy updates

I'm mad pissed lol! I was just about to blog since 12 plus and now look at the time! ALL BECAUSE I WANTED TO MAKE A GIF AND REALIZED MY GIFBOOM ACCOUNT IS GONE. Ok, so here's the thing, Gifboom are having some issues right now and there, my old gifs and accounts are now gone. 

Besides feeling REALLY upset
that my old gifs are gone (since most of them links to some of my blog posts and some are awesome memories with friends), I quickly went on to look for apps or online gif makers but wtf they are all so fucking ultra shitty! I remember I used one online gif maker once but now I can't find it anymore.. Now I'm just downloading a software and I hope it works! 

FUCK MY LIFE?!?!??!!!!!!!!!!!!! 真的是气死人!!!!!!!!! 

Never mind, don't wanna care 
about the gif liao. Just continue blog hahhahaha! Honestly I'm still boiling, it makes me feel so shitty! Like how I spent so much time trying to look for a good gif maker only to make me waste all my time and getting angry lol. K gonna chill now and drink some ABC soup! 

Okay so apparently
I went to drink my ABC soup AND got distracted and spent another 1 hour plus downloading tons of new music into my laptop hahahhaha gosh why am I ever gonna finish this blog post! Speaking of ABC soup, I've been craving for it since yesterday and boyfriend was really sweet.... Let's start off with this morning! 

I woke up pretty early today
and prepared in the late afternoon for filming with Constance at MT office and my outfit details today:


Basically I only wore
this outfit for filming and had nothing else to do already! By evening we were done with filming so I decided to bring Constance out to Secret Recipe @ Plaza Sing before she heads of to East Coast! BF met us there and treated us to some dessert! :p 

Honestly didn't like their
red velvet cake very much. Assembly ground one is wayyyyy better and TCC's dark devotion is definitely a bigger win than to the lava cake lol. Am typing at a crazy speed right now so I can faster finish blogging and sleep. Mad tired already! But I know I can't stop blogging because I can't weigh which one is more important to me hahhahaha. 

We chatted for a bit and
Constance left for East Coast then Justin and I headed off to Commonwealth's Sheng Shiong for grocery shopping HAHHAHA. This is our first time doing grocery shopping together ever since we're together! Actually I'm sure we did before, but that must've been 4 years ago already!

I've to say we were like lost birds then. 
First of all, neither of us ate for dinner and by the time we were done with grocery shopping and shit, it was already pretty late! Second, we didn't know what to buy, we only knew we wanted to make ABC soup since I was craving for it since last night! Third, neither of us tried making ABC soup before. Fourth and the last, besides ABC soup, we had nothing else in mind for dinner LOL.

Taken when we were back home, removed my makeup and dressed in something more comfortable! 

But eventually we picked
up a few items and manage to whip up 三菜一汤 (3 dishes, rice and soup)! 
It was easy for me because I didn't even do much hahhahahha, Justin was doing the cooking most of the time, dad's gf helped a bit with the peeling of potatoes and carrots etc, that's it. All I did was to wash the veggies, cut up some tofu and that's all. 

It was pretty funny
when he was frying the scallop because this..... 

The crispy layer outside all no more already lor!!!!! HAHAHHAA.
Daddy was looking SUPER concern when I told him Justin and I are gonna try cooking, he was so skeptical and kept asking if we're gonna do okay. He even taught Justin how to use the knife and said he can cook fish porridge! Hahahahha. Well, I never knew my dad can cook fish porridge, then his gf said my dad used to cook it for my mom when she was sick.... Ahh. 

Back to topic, 
fun fact of the day: Justin doesn't even know how to use a fucking stove. Yea. Not kidding. 
So I've to switch the stove on for him every single time he starts whipping up a new dish! Still, thank you baby for the wonderful meal tonight. 

Saltiest dish EVER. Never touched this plate since the first mouth. Think bf poured at least half a bottle of oyster sauce in this lol

Not kidding, but this is the BEST ABC soup I've tried by far. O_O I was absolutely shocked by how well our soup turned out to be at first attempt! I was shocked by how tasteful the soup was and.... the carrots... whoa kick. 

I had a very filling dinner
just now with Justin, it was a pretty simple Friday night for us.. I remember how back then in the past, we used to just stay at each other's home everyday and all we did was.... nothing. O_O 4 years ago, we sort of lived together, he goes to camp in the morning while I went to school, went back home together and occasionally watch some movies at home, do our own things or just go out for supper nearby. Life was simple, nothing else was needed.

Today, I had a little tiff
with him towards the end. I won't say it's a tiff or a quarrel or anything since I don't think he even know I was unhappy lol! I guess I was just kinda sad that he gave up spending more time with me due to some issues and that kinda got me like.... ): But it's fine! I was just petty.

Anyway, reason
why blog post title is messy updates is because, this blog post is just a mess, I had no idea what I wanted to blog about, I just wanted to... and throw chunks of photos here with no particular date or occasion HAHAHA. So allow me to throwback to the day where Alicia & Lindsay stayed over at my place after my birthday celebration!

So the both of them stayed over
and Lindsay headed off to work the next morning straight from my place and Alicia just continued sleeping like a pig. We slept till noon and prepared together in my room and actually headed off to IKEA for our first meal of the day! I suggested IKEA because after all, it's so near my place!!!

For some reason that day,
I decided to throw on a pullover that I've never worn for ages and all of the sudden, there was a downpour and I instantly felt like, "MUAHAHHAHA mother of god, sweater weather #iPredict" LOLOL. K kidding!!!! So anyway my outfit that day in detail:

Sometimes I love rainy days!
Allows me to wear all the comfy clothes and just drown in long sleeved sweaters hahahha. Or feel like a cushion. But hate it sometimes because it's so hard to snap pictures under the rain lol.

Don't be deceived by this picture.
It's not candid. HAHAHA. I swear Alicia used her iPhone 6 and took like 2387462873642 shots just to get ONE normal shot of me looking like this! Now you know, if Alicia ever gets mad at me, she can easily threaten me with all my unphotoshopped ugly pictures. Baby don't. HAHA.

We had a lot (IMO), for two people.
A plate of 20 meatballs, a plate of broccoli and salmon! We were so full but I was greedy so I went on  to have ice cream HAHA. I love IKEA ice cream so much... it's just this 50 cents happiness and omfg it's so good... I still remember when I was in primary school, I was at IKEA with my bro (only 2 yrs older than me), I said I wanted ice cream. Knowing that he doesn't have much money, he still used his remaining amount of money to get me a cone of IKEA ice cream...

Speaking of this right now makes me wanna cry.
I miss my bro so much! He's in Wallaby for training right now, I wonder if he remembers all these little things as much as I do. ): ): ):

Now this IS candid. Not like the previous one hahaha. 
Alicia and I actually decided to have Tomyum right after that at my favourite thai restaurant, so we only took like a 1 hour plus break before the next meal when we just had a super filling one at IKEA! So this was what happened during the 'break'. 

Tons of selfies. Tons.

There's definitely a lot more pictures,
I only picked out a few to be posted here and needless to say, there are of course more pictures that are even more unglamorous! HAHAHA. We met up with Justin and headed over to my fav thai restaurant after that, honestly, even though I was full af, I was still super excited because it's my fav thai place!!!!!!!!!

Their food - IS ULTRA GOOD.
That's all you need to know. Everyone said their food is nice after I brought them there!

Reason why I never posted
pictures of my fav thai restaurant on my blog is because I never had the chance to do so. I never had time. I didn't even notice because every single time I go there, I don't even bother stopping for a fucking second to snap a picture. LIKE I JUST WANNA EAT THEIR FOOD, IT'S SO GOOD, WHO GOT TIME FOR PICTURES. THAT kind of mentality. But this time, I did. Just two! Hahhahaha better than nothing!!!

Anyway, jumping topic again!!!
If you noticed, I've been wearing this brown pair of specs pretty often and that's because, it's really my glasses! I stopped wearing contact lens for awhile now because my friends says it makes me look more lian and I guess it was quite a chore for me too so I stopped! Glasses are way more comfy but I also wanted a pair that I can head out with. Not my old red rectangle one that makes me look like a nerd. 

Soooooo, I went to a optical shop,
got my new degree prescription and what not and picked my new glasses design! I'm now in love with my new pair of glasses, thank you b for this wonderful gift! 

Throwback picture - To when I went to pick up my glasses with Justin on the day of my bro's pre-birthday celebration party!
 So yes I only gotten this
new pair of glasses on my bro's pre birthday celebration. I'm still gonna get contact lens of course, but just gonna wear lens less often! And since I didn't blog about my bro's birthday, I'm gonna post some pictures of it now! On the day itself, I went out super early to prepare for his birthday, mainly to make his birthday cake actually! (Yes with Justin again)

Knowing that my bro
loves transformers, I attempted to draw a cartoon optimus prime on his birthday cake but obviously as someone who's not gifted with artistic talents, the cake ended up looking like this. Yes I know, doesn't even look like cartoon optimus prime!

Or maybe I was just nervous LOLOL.

Anyway somehow the cake
was smashed slightly and by the time I reached the restaurant, the cake was pretty ruined and I didn't know. The plan was for my bro's friends to surprise him at the restaurant without him knowing with the cake and the original plan went well. EXCEPT, when my bro's friends came out with the cake, I got a shock of my life and asked how come the cake got smashed slightly and they said it was already like that, so my bad.

Funniest part was, my bro
thought his friends were the one who drew the optimus prime of the cake and said something like, "what is this shit, you lucky I can recognise this is optimus prime" HAHHAHAHAHA. And I immediately turned to him and say, "KOR I DRAW ONE LEH" and he went like, "oh?! really ah?! SORRY I DIDN'T KNOW" HAHHAA.

Everyone burst out laughing and it was a great day. (:

To show you how
smashed the cake was, I happen to have a video of it here: 

I actually cried for a few days in the middle of the night when he left for Wallaby. I don't know why but I'm just so so emotionally attached to my family members and I easily miss them if they aren't around... Especially my bro, I'm so reliant on him ever since I was born. I run and cry to him almost every time whenever I'm down...

Wish he's safe and sound.
Seriously hope he's doing fine over at Wallaby, can't wait for him to be back!

Also suddenly felt like posting
this picture because I made my bro wear my specs and I said, "Kor, try your best to act like an old man" and he did. HAHAHA. That was one day before he flew off.... and in my heart I was literally like that the whole time on the day he was about to take off at Changi Airport with the rest of his camp mates!

Nope, not gonna let you go kor. 

Feeling kinda down right now
since I miss my bro, my sisters and my mom.. Last night I cried over my mom again. It's just a few more months to five years since she passed away. Don't think I would ever be able to deal this.. Tweeted a bunch of nonsense last night when I miss her but... it was truly truly my heartfelt thoughts.

All I did was to miss her a bit
and then I started to tear just a little. When my thoughts didn't stop, it triggered me more and I just curled up in bed, wrapped my arms around my legs, slept sideways and cried like a mad bitch. I only cry like a crazy bitch when I miss my mom, not for anyone else. Miss her so bad.

Ok just gonna go to sleep right now,
crazy how it took me 5 hours to blog this and....... I really need to sleep. Not gonna check for typos, too lazy! Goodnight guys!