Thursday, 13 November 2014

Blessed Thursday! ♥

Really tired right now,
swear my eyes can close anytime from this moment onwards but I'm just gonna quickly blog about my week and sleep! Anyway, let's start from what I come home to everyday, messy room and a cute fluff of fur ball (my pet dog)! HAHAHHA so few days back I quickly took pictures of him when he came to greet me. 

He's super cute!!!!!
Been with me for 8 years already and he still nudges my hand like this whenever he wants me to sayang him hahhahaha. 爱死它了!!!! 

And yes my room damn messy!!!!
But thank god with the help of my boyfriend, my room's pretty neat and clean right now HAHAHA. So happy to be blogging in a better environment!!! Also, I ditched my desktop so my table has plenty of space now for my laptop etc. :D 

Can't remember the exact date
of what I did the past few days so I'm just gonna upload the pictures in sequence and blog about it!!! Approximately 5 days back I guess, I headed to The Loft Cafe for the first time with Alicia!

To be honest,
I've no idea this cafe existed until Alicia said she wanted to meet for tea break and we ended up at The Loft! It's around chinatown area, pretty hard to find (IMO), but I looooooooove the place!!!!!!! Except for the cooking smell, everything else is alright! 

The employees over at The Loft
are all super kind and polite! I love their service and the ambiance of the cafe, makes people feel comfortable, at home, peaceful and super family friendly!! Picture above is obviously taken by the staff there, hehe thank you!!!!! 

Vanilla milkshake damn yummy!!!

Hehe I ordered this Angel's hair shrimp spaghetti or something like that. Super cheesy though! I like the slight lemon taste but it's quite for me to finish up the whole plate cuz it's too cheesy!

After this group of people left,
we quickly took their space cuz their area is super cozy!!! We were sitting at some normal seats initially then we quickly take up their sofa seats once they left HAHA.  

Super greedy, I know.
Two person only wanna take up the entire sofa, but there's no one else!!! The cafe is surprisingly very quiet and there isn't a lot of people. Probably because it was during the afternoon! Oh yes and my casual OOTD that day: 

Basically we just had lunch
and hung out a bit at Plaza Sing that day! It was a quick meet up, we do that all the time! LOL FML I'm fucking hungry right now, I feel like I'm gonna faint anytime. T___T AND SLEEPY. K, gonna just give into temptation and make myself cup noodles. #growingfat #whatcanido 

Ok, decided not to
have cup noodles again because no more chilli crab cup noodles at home already. 

Moving, on.......... 
omg I think I just blog the rest of my week tomorrow when I wake up. Too hungry and tired already, nothing coming out of my mind HAHAHHAHA. Gonna be hardworking a bit and at least finish up what I did today! 

I slept like a pig the whole day
till evening, woke up, prepare and headed off to Taka to get some Rive Gauche cakes for Justin and his family! Then quickly went over his place for dinner and he came back home with me today hahahhaa. Yes he needs to work, so he's sleeping right now and he's gonna wake up for work later! WHILE. I. SLEEP. HAHAHHA. Kkkk, gonna quickly post today's pictures here. :D 

Fav cake, strawberry shortcake. 

Justin's helper cooked chicken rice for us today! 

Swear Justin's helper is super talented!!!!
HAHAHA she can cook everything lor!!! ): Delicious some more! Last time my maid cannot even cook anything lol wtf my sister even had to teach her how to cook maggie! FYI I don't have a maid anymore. But I'm still happy and contented with life!!! ^^ 

Also, took a selfie earlier on when I still had my makeup on. :D  

I actually randomly
recorded myself removing my makeup earlier on with my laptop, contemplating if I should upload it to my YouTube channel. LET ME KNOW. :D 

Ok gonna go to sleep now!!!!

UPDATE: Making cup noodles & feeding my dog now. I'm sorry, it's food... I won't pang chance one.
Also, went into the kitchen and was about to whip up some sandwich for my father & pig bf but realised there's no bread alr. Can't cook anything else because they wouldn't have time to eat. Sorry guys. T_T Never make breakfast doesn't mean I don't love you all.