Friday, 14 November 2014

Meeting the BF's mom.

Okay! Just gonna continue
from where I stopped the previous post! Previously I said I would blog about what I did the past week, but apparently I stopped after awhile because I was so tired to finish blogging about the whole week last night! Equally tired now actually, since I just reached home and all. 

Anyway, as the title suggests,
yes I met Justin's mom! I saw her once 4 years ago, but it wasn't a proper meeting or anything like that till recently. Surprisingly, she's born in the same year as my mom and she looks MUCH MUCH younger than her actual age! 

Swear Justin's mommy is so in style!
She dresses just like us, speaks just like us and I'm so glad I met her, I love her so much! What's more, she's able to make me feel so comfortable around her and the fact that she made the effort to meet & take me out for dinner is already so heartwarming. T_T 

So my OOTD that day was laid-back casual: 

Just a random pull-over, jeans
and a statement necklace, I'm good to go! I actually met Alicia that day first and the both of us tried the chocolate lava thing from chocolate origin for the very first time!!! EXTREMELY SINFUL I would say. I didn't finish the whole cup though. I've to say the hot and cold sensation (chocolate x ice cream) is really quite something, but I still prefer TCC's Dark Devotion! 

But in terms of pricing, 
that sinful cup of happiness is definitely worth it. It only cost us 5 bucks!!! 


What to do when you can't finish a cup of choco lava? Take selfie with it. HAHAHHA.

Soon it was evening time
and Justin came over to look for me at Bugis Junction while Alicia headed home! 
I was pretty shocked cuz Justin actually brought his younger brother along (I had absolutely no idea) LOL. But it was nice meeting him! So we settled at Poulet for dinner while we wait for Justin's mommy to join us. :D 

Honestly didn't quite like their chicken. LOL. 
The sauce and everything else is way too salty for me! Removed the chicken from the sauce and ate it alone with no sauce at all is still too salty. Won't order the same thing again. Or maybe it's just me hahaha cuz Justin seems to be enjoying it. I gave him my share after a few mouths, couldn't take the taste!

Oh yea, just like anyone else,
I was feeling quite nervous and afraid to meet Justin's mom since.... well it's not like I'm a fucking scholar or some smart kid. It's not like I'm mega rich and super talented. I just didn't feel presentable enough to meet his mom... but yea eventually I met her and I'm SO SO glad I did! 

She's amazing. :D 
It turned out so enjoyable! In fact, I can't wait to hang out with her again soon. I'm not sure why, but I instantly felt this attachment towards her, like... aargh this is hard to describe. All in all, I just feel really close to her, like I've gained a new friend, another mom and one more person who's gonna dote on me. HAHAHA. 

Justin and I also tried this street side ice cream, whoa damn nice. $2.50 each only! Mine is the pudding flavoured one with jelly inside!

That night,
the three of us went to watch 'Let's be cops' at Vivo City! :D Then, we took the pre-cinema selfies hahahahhahaha. 

Justin's mommy sent me
home right after movie. Hehe blogging about this right now makes me feel so happy and thankful!!!!!! Can't wait to see her again this weekend!!! Then maybe I'll take some pictures with her and show you guys how pretty she is hahaha.

Nowadays I've been heading
to Vivo City a lot as my eldest sister frequent there and I would be there most of the time to accompany her and her cute baby!!!! So with that being said, few days back, my second sister and I headed to Vivo to accompany my eldest sis!!! :D 

With the sister! 
Sister's now in BKK,
sigh gonna miss her! Hope she would take good care of herself though. She's gonna be there for a week and I'm gonna miss her like shit. #overlyattachedsister. #noonecandealwithme. But good news is, my eldest sister & her cute baby is actually beside me on my bed right now!!!! HAHAHA, she's crashing my place today till maybe 4 in the morning cuz she's waiting for her husband to pick her up!!!

Selfie with baby Jayzel. 

My two elder sisters. ♥ Yes, we had KFC that day.

Second sister also bought the root beer and vanilla chai sweet strips for me hahhaha. Sorry ah erjie, cheat your money. :p


Made my second sister buy me yogurt that day as well. HAHAHAHHA thank you erjie. 

#sadlifeofbeingmysister. #takingoutmoneyformeallthetime.
Ok, I'm blogging by looking
at my pictures right now, so it's normal if I jump here and there from one day to another. Now the vivo day over already, basically both my second sister and I just accompanied our eldest sister to Vivo the whole day that's all!!!!!!

My room's lights just went off, think spoil alr. I swear if my sister isn't with me, I would freak out already! And I just realised my bed side lamp also spoil already.... so lousy. ):
Time to get new lights and lamp!!! So now I've to blog in the dark.

Moving on,
oh yes that night I had super good tomyum soup cuz my second sister's bf came over to my place to cook tomyum for us. HAHAHA. Neeeeeeeeext, fast forward to the day where I went out with Lindsay to do some mini shopping!

Ok, only have one picture for that day.
This picture pretty much sums up what I did! Did some shopping at Bugis street, ate some awesome crepes and..... that's it! She went home while I went off to Justin's place hahhaha. It always feels good to spend time with her though, doesn't matter if it's just a short time span! 

Another fast forward to today!
AGAIN, I headed to Vivo to meet my eldest sister for early dinner! HAHAHHA oh god my life nowadays revolving around Bugis and Vivo, I'm dead! I need more interesting activities lolol. But okay! Time to post pictures of today:

Dining outdoors at TCC today! 
 If only SG's weather
can be like this everyday, sunny but cooling.

Butterscotch lime drink not bad!!! 

Yeap, spent my entire
day with my eldest sister and her baby at vivo today. Really fruitful though, had many deep conversations and makes me feel at ease to spend more time with her. After all, we all grow up and would eventually have our own families. Just wanna cherish all the time that I can spend with her right now. ^^

K damn hungry and need to wake up at 8am later. Fml.
Should I order mac, yes or no? T_______T Not like I can sleep now anyway!