Monday, 17 November 2014

Falling sick is like a
norm to me already. At least once a month that kind of thing. Sigh. I was sick on my birthday and now........ I'M SICK AGAIN. T_T Speaking of my birthday, I guess I wanna blog about it real soon but am waiting for a vid to be done!!! ):

Besides feeling all lethargic
the past few days, I'm really happy right now cuz yesterday I fetched my bro from the airport, he's finally back in Singapore! For those of you who don't know, he actually went to Wallaby for three weeks for army training and now he's finally back hehe. I missed him so bad!!!!!! I'm so happy he's back. 

Sister's coming back to Singapore
as well tomorrow from BKK but she's not heading from straight. ): 
Meh!!!! Oh yes, right before I fell sick, Justin and I painted my room with a new shade of pretty pink!!!! ^^ Can't wait to slowly transform the room, then maybe I can post up a transformation video on my YouTube channel!

BTW, I just posted a
video up on my YouTube channel, it's just me removing my makeup HAHAHA. Here it is: 

HAHAHHAHA it's so random because one day,
I just decided to record myself removing my makeup after a long day out! And today I just thought, ok maybe I should upload it since I've nothing to do so have fun watching!!!! (Though there's no fun at all)

Not sure what I should do today
and I'm kinda starving right now, miss my girls as well. Just gonna end off this blog post with pictures of my bro and I at the airport last night!!!! 

Hehe love my bro max!!!!!
Anyway while uploading my pictures I saw food pictures that I wanted to share:

Nothing fancy!!!! Just that Justin's mommy cooked porridge for me because she heard I fell sick again!!! Much loveeeee 

Yes, polished off every single bit of it!

Also, eldest sis cooked
maggie for me last night, cuz I went to visit her at Changi Rise before I went to the airport and I was hungry. Little gestures like this makes me so happy and feel so blessed! Good day all! Am gonna go find food already. HAHA

UPDATE: OH YA!!!!!!!!!! Random update!!!! I just received my new phone 2 days ago, it's an iPhone 6. I know I'm kinda slow but I'm just using it today!!!! Don't really like the fact that everything is so blown up now, like the texts are just humungous and I feel like people can just look at my messages or something. But I adjusted the text size to the smallest!!!! Not much of a difference compared to iPhone 5 actually.