Thursday, 20 November 2014

Favorite Hair Makeover!

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Crazy exhausted right now, 
but when I know it's time for me to blog about my current hairstyle, it perks me up immediately cause I love my current hairstyle soooooo much that I've been dying to share it with you guys! I waited so long to blog about my hairstyle because I wanted to see if the colour stays on and if my hair remains healthy after SEVEN weeks. 

YEAP, I did my hair approximately 7 weeks ago
and I'm only blogging about it now. Just like what the title suggests, it's definitely my favourite hair makeover at J7IMAGE, EVER! If you followed me on my social media accounts, you probably already know how my hair looks like already! But allow me to blog about my experience at J7Image and also to talk about what they did to my hair that I love it so much now!!!!

P/S: Read till the bottom for more perks if you're gonna get your hair done by J7! ^^

SEVEN weeks ago, my hair was at this state: 

I won't say that it's at an extremely
horrible state because, if you've followed me for a long long time or if you've scrolled through my Instagram, you would've known/seen how horrible my hair was like in the past before I started to visit J7Image regularly for hair treatments/colouring/styling.

Or if you haven't seen
how horrible my hair was like before J7IMAGE started managing my hair, you may click HERE to see. HORRIBLE RIGHT? Ok you can now quickly come back to my post and let me continue hahahha. So as usual that day, I started off with a super comfortable hair wash by J7:

No matter how many
times I visit J7, I can never get over the hair wash and head massages!!!! My scalp is always left feeling minty fresh and the head massages by J7 is simply, superb. It's amazing how to them, it is essential for customers to receive head massages as sitting down in a salon for hours getting your hair done can be quite a tiring process. Hence, customers deserves good head massages AND also one of my favourite part of the visit, HOT TEA x YUMMY SNACKS: 

I LOOOOOOOVE their snacks so much. They change it a bit sometimes, if not it's usually this packet biscuit which tastes crazy good and being as glutton as I can be, I always ask for more! :p 
I cannot emphasise how important customer service is to me... Honestly, I cannot stand shitty service. We pay money to get our hair done and of course we would want our hair to be treated correctly with good service right? Why would we pay money to get pissed? 

I never had problems with them, I love their services, professionalism and most importantly, making me feel comfortable sitting there for hours getting my hair done. NOT once did I leave the salon without feeling satisfied about the hairstyle they did for me. 

Anyway so after my hair wash,
they gave me a hair cut. O_O This length (below picture), is by far, the SHORTEST length I've gone since primary school. I've always loved having long hair and honestly, I was kinda scared and skeptical when my stylist, Jeft, said that he was gonna give me a new image, something fresher and more 'decent' looking. 

Believe me,
I was still skeptical about how my hair would turn out to be at this point. Immediately, they started bleaching and dying my hair. At that point of time my immediate reaction was, "omg bleach again?! I bleach every month already!!!" So I was afraid. Afraid that my hair would turn out worst. Or somehow in a horrible condition. But surprisingly, it did not.  

Disturbing my stylist while he's at work. Hehe, LOVE LOVE being with people from J7, a whole bunch of friendly people & definitely cracks up my day without fail! 

And right after I get my hair wash after bleaching/dying, my hair stylist decided to revenge and he screwed up this picture HAHAHHAHA. Thanks Jeft, no matter what you do you'll still be my best hair stylist. 

At this point all the bleaching
and dying of my hair has been done and again, I WAS STILL SKEPTICAL. I'm a very kanchiong and wary person, or maybe I'm just kiasi! Usually, I have 100% confidence for my stylist as he never changes my hair length too much except for colouring. But this time, he decided to snip off my hair for a shorter length so I definitely had second thoughts about it! 

A part of me was afraid
to look at the results(since I was skeptical) and a part of me was soooooo excited to see what's in for me since I would have darker colours and shorter hair!!! Hehe, as excited as me yet?! 
Quickly blow drying my hair while I nom on churros that boyfriend bought that day hehe: 

AND FINALLY..........


EVEN my boyfriend likes it!
All my friends likes it! Gosh I HAVE SO MUCH TO SAY RIGHT NOW BUT OK LET ME CONTAIN MY HAPPINESS. Firstly, I'm pretty sure I'm gonna keep to this hair length for quite some time because I'm mad lovin' it. 

Reason I love this hair length is
because, it suits my height sooooo well and I never knew hair length could affect one's image/first impression so so much. I truly think I look a lot fresher and definitely more 'decent' with the darker colours. HAHAHHAHAHHA. 

Moving on to the colours this time: 

I have full BLACK on
the left side of my hair and on the right side of my hair, I have it in DARK BLUE completely. And at the extreme end, I had the top part layered off with ombre brown slowly fading to ASH and then to dark blue the base colour itself. Damn, I love it sooooo much! 

My hairstylist had quite a hard time
thinking about what colours I should try next since I've tried quite an amount of colours before already. This time, he gave me ash, I love the unique colour combination! And here's the shocking part and my main point of the experiment the past 2 months. 

Like I said,
it's been weeks since I last dyed my hair at J7 with this hair colour and shockingly, the colours still stays on so damn well as usual!!!!! WHAT I LOVE THE MOST IS, because I snipped my hair and all, my hair condition improved DRAMATICALLY. I was intending to make a video about it soon, I love the texture right now, I'm so glad I don't have to rely on steam pods or straighteners or whatever sort right now. 

Did you know, I didn't receive any treatment
and no steam pod/straighteners was used? My hair looks exactly like that right after blow drying! I love it!!!! So thankful now. T_T!!!!

My hair feels so much healthier! 

And definitely smoother! :p

Thank you JEFT, for being the best and most amazing hair stylist EVER. 
And yep! As promised,
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Super ultra worth it!
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And just in case you wanna
see how my hair is right now, I took a picture this morning: 

Hair colour still remains
about the same just that my hair grew longer after 2 months hehe.
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